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Despite the successful killing of terrorist Osama Bin Laden by American military forces, concerns over President Barack Obama’s focus and work ethic persist…

Kudos to the American military and the intelligence community for bringing some semblance of resolution to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Though it took over a decade, and the War on Terror continues, (despite that term having been banned by the Obama administration) the death of Osama Bin Laden sends a powerful message to freedom’s enemies that justice has been served.

Congratulations are also due current American president Barack Obama.  It was Obama who ultimately agreed with top military officials’ plans to send in special forces to take out Osama Bin Laden within his compound deep inside Pakistan.  That order, as the world now knows, ultimately proved successful.  What the world is also now learning, is that the information ultimately resulting in the death of Osama Bin Laden was originally obtained from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base terrorist detainees - a prison liberal Democrats, including President Obama himself, have spent years deriding and threatening to shut down. (Let us not forget the closing of Gitmo was among the very first orders Obama signed after being sworn in as President.) If not for that information coming from an institution Democrats have repeatedly attacked as an entity harmful to the human rights of terrorist Al Qaeda members and their supporters, Osama Bin Laden would most likely remain among the living today.

Adding yet another layer of uncertainty regarding Barack Obama’s actual role in the successful killing of Osama Bin Laden is the now breaking news that the president had to be taken off the golf course in order to attend a meeting by the military officials responsible for both creating and implimenting the actual plan to take Osama Bin Laden out.  According to Associated Press reports, President Obama spent part of the day on the golf course, but cut his round short to return to the White House for a meeting where he and top national security aides reviewed final preparations for the raid.  It is also well known that the president spent the previous evening telling jokes and lambasting his political opponents at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

So as we rightfully celebrate the death of a man responsible for the devastating attack against America on September 11th, 2001,  we must also pause and consider the facts now coming forth that the man currently leading the United States of America appears to have played a minimal role in the preparations that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden – rather focusing on jokes and golf just hours before the successful mission – ultimately having to be escorted from the golf course in order to be convinced by military officials that now was the time to take Bin Laden out.



UPDATE:  Video of President Obama laughing at an Osama Bin Laden joke the night before American military killed the Al Qaeda leader.  Joke begins at the 30 second mark: