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Read the article to find out what a progressive president is. Find out that Woodrow Wilson broke our First Amendment of free speech. Find out how history repeats itself into todays presidents. Learn that a progresive is actualy a way to brainwash the public to accept that the government is the answer. It’s how Moa rose to power, Stalin, Hitler and Musolini.

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A third party is forming between the Republicans and the Democrates. It’s a party made up of people like you and I who want the best for all of us so please check it out and watch. The shadow government is trying to stop it so they can stay in power.

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What are Progressive Presidents?

            I was watching the presidential nominations for the Democrats when I heard the moderator asked Hillary Clinton to define the word “Liberal” and would she use this word to describe herself. She said that she prefers the word progressive hence the beginning of the century. Hillary said that she believes that she’s a moderate progressive that believes strongly in individual rights and freedoms as well as finding ways to help those who may not have the advantages to be more productive in life. Maybe some people have different aims or goals in life that don’t need to be concerned with advantages of a person who has a different life. That’s what makes America.

            I was talking to a guy who worked at Print Plus and Burger King who said he would rather pay  rent  on a trailer house than own a house. He was perfectly happy with that. I’ve talked to people who live in their car and their happy with their life. For someone like Hillary to say that she believes in individual rights and freedoms that reflects on bigger government and taking our rights away is anti-American.

            The idea of Progressives is that they believe that our Founding Fathers didn’t set up a system that was to adapt to a world that changes and believe that it should remain as part of the era that it was created.  You got to remember that the first ten Amendments gives us as citizens a lot of power and they can never be taken away. The Progressives think as a collective mind similar to the former Soviet Union.

            The Soviet Union’s government worked as a collective.  After they got rid of their czar they created Communism which forced the farmers into collective farming to feed  their people and pretty much own and controlled everything until 1990. China is the same way and so is Cuba. Germany believed in Fascism, which is serving the state. Progressive is a softer way of saying we believe that the people should serve the state and that we should make all the decisions in a dictatorship.

            Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive who believed that wealthy individuals were incapable of doing what was best for the collective and that only the government was capable of doing that. In 1901 he tried to control large corporations that were first starting out.

            You have to understand that Teddy was a Republican and it doesn’t matter who’s a Democrat or a Republican because a Progressive can be any of them. George W. Bush was a progressive when he signed the Patriot Act. Bill Clinton was a progressive when he passed his gun laws. Even Jimmy Carter  was a progressive when he started the Department of Education for our kids. All of these bills passed have limits to our rights.  It doesn’t say anything in our constitution to have these gun laws, Patriot Act, or pay for our government to stick it’s nose in our children’s education and indoctrinate our kids in this brainwashing. Most of these issues are local issues that should be settled with the counties or states not at the Federal level

            When Adolf Hitler rose to power he passed a bill before the annihilation of the Jews which was called the Enable Act. This is the same as the Patriot Act and it gave Hitler all kinds of power to do wire taping, shut down and even shoot reporters for doing a story on him, control the public using fear and terrorism which he administered.  There is evidence that 9/11 was self-inflicted because of the way the buildings collapsed. In Great Brittan the London Building had a plan crash into it and was on fire for days, but it never collapsed.  It’s pretty obvious when you look at the video that captured the Twin Towers buildings shimmering (shaking) before they fell.

            Now that you know what a progressive is lets begin to talk about Federal government growing in size . According to Glen Beck’s Arguing with Idiots: in 1900 The federal government consumed less than 5% of total economic output. 1950 it consumed 15%, in 1999 it consumed 19% in 2009 it will spend 28.1%  The more government the less personal freedom we have. After we allocate $10.5 trillion on the stimulus ideas over the last couple of years we still have a $6 trillion national debt, which is climbing to $16 trillion with the new ten year budget. Obama said we need to take care of the national debt so our children don’t pay for it in the future, but it looks like to me that he’s just creating bigger debt.  There’s no reason why we can’t rebuild our economy and regain our freedom.  We need to get the government out of the way, make our dollar as good as gold again, and pay our bills.  Once we loose our dollar we can no longer sustain ourselves as a country. Business will fall apart and we’ll become a third world country like Sudan or Libya.

            Remember history repeats itself. When we won WWII we didn’t defeat the Nazis the Nazis came to America and joined our government with more poisonous, vile and deception to make us believe we should serve the state . Imagine a glimpse in our future that a president we elect could turn into a dictator like Stalin, Mao and Hitler. 

            Woodrow Wilson  broke our first amendment by arresting thousands of people for speaking out against U.S. Involvement in WWI.  Woodrow Wilson made sure anything and anyone interfering with the war effort was stopped.  He pushed through the Espionage Act, a grotesque attack on free speech that made it a crime. It was punishable of a maximum fine of $10,000.00 almost $170,000.00 in today’s dollars and 20 years in jail.  If this was applied today it would lock up every liberal blogger or commentator who opened his mouth. Can you imagine that being done today? Every single person who was against the war in Iraq would be locked up or broke and Obama and John McCain love these presidents?

What Are Progressive Presidents?

Ryan Keith Johnson

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