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A recent meeting at White House between Barack Obama and high ranking House and Senate Democrats results in the president walking out on members of his own party following accusations of incompetence against the president.

Insider:  Received word of recent weekend meeting at White House involving the president, top advisers, and high ranking members of Congress.  This meeting was not bi-partisan but involved Democrats only.  This sit down came within a day of similar meeting between the president and members of the Republican leadership.  Contrary to media reports, it was not the meeting between Obama and Republicans that proved contentious but rather the meeting between the president and his own Democrats that resulted in Barack Obama getting up from the table and walking out.  The walk out occurred after a House Democrat directly challenged the president’s lack of leadership on the issue, and shared fears the party would “be burned” by public opinion in much the same way as occurred after the Obamacare debacle.  What follows is the word-for-word description of the meeting as received by me:


President entered room nearly 30 minutes late.  He looked grim.  Not in a good mood.  Seemed annoyed that he was being bothered by all of this.  Gave personal welcome to –name deleted- but ignored everyone else at table.  President given briefing by Senate staffer on debt ceiling negotiations.  Twice seen rolling eyes and shaking head when Republican positions on subject were mentioned.  –Name deleted- interjected during briefing to convey Senate’s hope that agreement would be made “soon”, as the issue was becoming “politically difficult”.  This sentiment was then shared by almost all other members of Congress who were at the table.  Briefing then continued but was cut short by president who then attempted a joke.  When staff tried again to continue briefing, president cut them off and instructed them to “Put away the –expletive- paper.”  Senator –name withheld- came to staff member’s defense, and leveled direct accusation at president, declaring “White House incompetence” on the debt ceiling issue was putting the party’s chances in 2012 at great risk.  President sat silent.  –Name withheld- challenged Senator on accusation of White House incompetence. Declared the president cannot be expected to “babysit” for everyone in Congress. Senator –name withheld- did not back down, threatening to sign off on Republican proposal if White House did not offer up anything “remotely resembling a viable alternative.”  President became increasingly agitated during this exchange, finally standing up from the table and walking out, declaring, “Good luck on getting me to sign it.”  Later media reports indicated president had walked out of meeting with Republicans.  That is incorrect.  It was the meeting with his own Democrats that resulted in President Obama leaving the room.

Insider:  Since receiving this notification I have confirmed with secondary sources the accuracy of the details.  It should also be noted that White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley was not in attendance at this meeting.  It is my understanding he has been personally communicating with both Democrat and Republican leaders on the debt ceiling issue – but doing so without the presence of either President Obama or Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.  Also informed his ongoing private meetings with Congressional leaders involves other topics “more significant” than the debt ceiling debate.  Am attempting to follow up further on this though I have my suspicions on what those topics would be.

As to your question about the Gunrunner topic, I can assure you that both Republicans and Democrats are now fully aware of the very serious implications surrounding the issue. I told you the story was about to break open via the mainstream media and that is exactly what has happened. The subject of a Special Prosecutor is being negotiated at present.  As I told you earlier, White House is preparing for Eric Holder resignation outcome.  They will continue to aggressively fight that result, but are acknowledging it may happen, and happen sooner rather than later.  There was a cover-up.  Republicans now have the specific information to prove that.  It is now a matter of proving how high up in the administration that cover-up goes.  It appears Issa is aiming very high indeed.  Have you noted the increasing confidence coming from Issa, Grassley and others?  There will likely be a significant development within the next few weeks or so on this issue that will leave you very pleased.  There is a name on that Issa/Grassley list who is proving very capable in assisting the investigation.  An old debt has been called, and the return on investment has been remarkable.  I am in awe of –name withheld-.  They have played this out with the kind of skill Obama will never possess. Outclassed and outmatched at every turn.

Press conference coming.

Stay Safe.