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In a brief but informative update, our longtime D.C. insider tells of Democratic Party operatives joining with their Republican counterparts to ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president.

Sorry for delay in getting back to you.  So much now underway.  Do you recall when I told you of a meeting by Democratic Party operatives shortly after the Midterm Election?  The meeting that had people within the party questioning Obama’s viability as a candidate for 2012 and the future of the party after the defeat of 2010?  Another such meeting took place recently.  What was once an in-house dialogue though has now transformed into something far more formidable against the Obama White House, involving both Democrats and Republicans.  The primary focus is defeat of Obama in 2012.  Watch for an uptick in Democrats openly speaking out against Obama.  You have likely noted the most recent bi-partisan votes in Congress against Obama.  To have those kinds of votes against a sitting president who is now fully engaged in a re-election campaign is stunning.  It is also indisputable evidence of the divide I have been telling you of for some time.  The party is now so deeply divided between the Chicago Democrats and the more mainstream Democrats that the rift cannot be repaired so long as Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett occupy the White House.

The Republicans now have a plan underway to trap those Democrats attempting to utilize the Ryan Medicare plan to their political advantage. This is a plan that I fully approve of and frankly, must tip my hat in its creation as both a political weapon as well as sound and much needed legislation.  A number of Congressional Democrats have been made aware of the plan and are also supportive of it. This represents a powerful break from the DNC operatives who are so closely linked to Obama’s own OFA group.  The OFA is a direct extension of Valerie Jarrett’s office and a tool she continues to fully utilize to further protect her role as the primary power broker inside the West Wing.  Daley continues to counter that to great effect though.  Bill Daley is an ally.  History will prove this out down the road.  You have expressed doubts regarding this.  Trust me.  Daley is doing this country a far greater service than anyone outside of the immediate situation can realize.  – section deleted –

You indicated to me the much stronger stance Congressman Issa has publicly taken against Eric Holder and the Obama DOJ.  While I continue to remain suspicious of Issa’s ultimate willingness to take on Eric Holder to a conclusion that results in Holder’s resignation, my suspicions may soon be proven unjustified.  I hope that is the case.  A significant development is to be revealed regarding the DOJ very soon now.  That is the information I have been given most recently. 


Where we are at in all of this is now a fully integrated operation against Barack Obama’s re-election bid that includes both Democrats and Republicans.  We will continue to work to further develop the political scandal, as well as limit as much as possible, the funding and organizational machine that allowed Barack Obama to be elected in 2008.  If the scandal is successfully buried prior to the 2012 election, we must ensure that Obama faces political defeat at the ballot box.  The powers now aligning against Obama are significant.  They are motivated.  And they are very-very serious about defeating Barack Obama.

Watch the news cycle closely over the next 72 hours.  You may be in for a treat, and there will be more to come.


JUNE 7th UPDATE:  Within 24 hours of publishing this latest Insider update, CBS News reported on the just scheduled Congressional Hearings against the Obama Department of Justice Gunrunner scandal – hearings that charge the Obama/Holder DOJ with Obstruction of Justice – very serious allegations.  In comments given one day prior, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa indicated the decision makers behind the tragic Gunrunner program went to the “highest levels of the administration.”  The hearings are scheduled to begin Monday, June 13th, and represent the single greatest challenge to the Obama administration to date.