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The final installment of our latest D.C. Insider interview reveals President Obama’s plans for victory in 2012 – and what may cause potential defeat, as well as thoughts on Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and others, including a surprising pick regarding the possible candidate most dangerous to Barack Obama.

But you still say Obama will most likely be re-elected in 2012 – which brings us to the next election cycle, and how the Republicans might defeat Obama.  You promised me you would share your thoughts on that.

That’s right…

So let’s hear it.

Yeah – fine.  But here’s where I really need you to just sit back and listen.  This is my world now – this is what I do.  This is what I am.  So when I get going on this subject, I don’t want interruptions.  Let me go.  Not sure where we’ll end up exactly, but don’t interrupt me.

Fair enough – so get to it.

Ok…Obama, President Obama, his basic gameplan is to simply re-enact 2007 and 2008 all over again.  This idea has been confirmed to me a number of times.  That’s Plouffe’s role – bring back the magic.  The question on everyone’s mind though is can he actually pull that off?  2008 was an extraordinary event – all the stars were aligned for that, and in hindsight, it was actually quite easy to roll over the electorate.  The media was all in for the cause, few questions asked, an articulate, dynamic black candidate – America made up its mind long before the first votes were cast.  So as to whether or not Obama can do it all again in 2012…I say yes.  I say no.

Yes because Obama still has the support of most of the media, and that is crucial – so incredibly crucial.  Anyone who has not witnessed a campaign from the inside does not fully appreciate how much benefit this is to a candidate – especially one with the kind of baggage Obama comes with.  Now will a few media personalities try and question the president the second time around?  I believe so – but the campaign is already preparing for that, and will simply attempt to drown out such examples.  This campaign has already raised huge sums of money, and the donors who were problematic to Obama last year, are for the most part back on board.  He will have their support.  They are not nearly as enthusiastic, but most of them will be helping to prop up Obama in 2011 and 2012, or at the very least, not doing anything to get in his way.  The Obama team has already starting to spend money in key battleground states.  They’ve conducted a slew of internal polling that show the president still has an advantage over a generic Republican candidate, and an electoral path to victory in 2012 – though not as substantial a victory as before.  Information is coming out more readily this time around – firms are being hired, or interviewed, and some of these people, while more than willing to cash those checks, are quite a bit more skeptical regarding Obama and the upcoming campaign than last time.  The idealism from within the machine is much-much less than before.  As one guy put it a few weeks back, “We’ll take their money – but this guy is a hell of a lot weaker candidate than people know.”

So you will see an even more scripted White House than before – which of course, is saying a lot, because Barack Obama is about as scripted a president as we’ve seen, right?  He’s not deliberate – he’s just waiting to be told what to say – and those words have to be first approved by Valerie Jarrett, so the process is slow to form.  Obama can’t think on his feet, and he has not real instinctive quality for leadership because he’s been programmed since day one of his adult life.  He waits for the script and delivers his lines – and that’s it.  And while he’s waiting for the words, he spends time playing golf and watching ESPN, right?  As ridiculous as that sounds, that is exactly how this administration functions.  A campaign is different though because Obama gets to take the same basic script and go to new locations, so it gives the appearance of someone working hard.  He is much more comfortable in that environment – go to one supportive crowd to another, avoid any real questions, smile, nod and wave, and then go off to the next location.  Where other candidates get tired of that grind, Obama embraces it.  It’s what he is good at – it’s perhaps the only thing he’s good at.  Great candidate, horrible leader.  And America appears poised to give him another term.  People will elect the candidate, and shrug off the lack of leadership.  Is that a troubling reality? Hell yes it is – but it’s the truth too, now ain’t it?  And the Obama team knows this…they know it, and they are prepared to take full advantage of it.  And why shouldn’t they?

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting though – Jarrett will be in a tug of war with Plouffe – he’s gonna want more input regarding the day to day messaging of the president.  You see, this time around, it won’t be candidate Obama running for president, but rather it’s President Obama running for reelection.  That’s a huge shift in the dynamics of a campaign.  You will have the campaign director Plouffe running face on against the administration director Jarrett, and those two will clash – I guarantee that.  And when that happens, Jarrett will push Obama away from Plouffe, and the First Lady will help do the same.  Plouffe is white – that alone makes him suspect in the eyes of Jarrett and the First Lady.  Am I goin’ there?  Yeah – I am.  Race…racism, is a significant component of the Obama White House.  I’ve already spoken to this subject, and I ain’t letting it go.  Americans elected racists to the White House in 2008.  They sure as -expletive- did.  And I was part of that…don’t think I don’t understand that – and regret it more and more every day.

So right now, this very minute, there are Obama operatives paying off people, using those hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal, preparing the road to reelection for Obama in 2012.  And I mean they are everywhere.  That mess in Wisconsin – holy shit did that spook them.  The union thing…that subject…Obama money is being funneled to the recall efforts you know.  Millions of dollars to penalize those state politicians who dared to stand up to the unions.  And if they succeed, watch out!  It will be another huge step in centralized power by the government.  I’m not talking Democrat vs Republican here…shit, no.  Like I’ve said, these people, the Obamas, the current crop of union leaders…the goddamn so called progressives – they ain’t Democrats.  They are something else - something not right.  Something very dangerous to what we know as America.  They want to change it all.  They want to punish the past.  They want to make an entirely different future.  Hope and Change – what brilliant slogans.  Simple and easy to understand.  Never knew…all the times I seen those words a few years back – never knew just how sinister those words really were when in the hands of these people…

But watch for the fight between Plouffe and Jarrett, because it will happen.  Word will get out.  You might have to hunt for it, but it will get out.  Jarrett can’t run a campaign.  I read those puff peices back in 2008 – how she was the guiding hand for Obama during the campaign.  How she would correct the team when the Wright issue came up…bullshit.  What bullshit!  That woman is hardcore Chicago.  That is all she knows.  That’s it.  She didn’t get her Senate seat – she’s thick as thieves in that mess now ain’t she? Hell yes she is.  THAT sure as hell got her spooked.  Part of the reason she’s staying so close to Obama.  The powers of a president to protect some misdeeds in the past is strong motivation to remain where the protection is coming from, right?  Might explain why Michelle has hung around too, huh?  Just sayin’…

Now I know you want me to talk about who can beat Obama, or how he gets defeated.  I’ll do that, but you gotta understand, or I gotta make it very clear here – I don’t see that as likely at this point.  As much as I want that to happen – Obama being made a one-termer, that probably won’t happen.  He’s got too much campaign cash, too much media protection – gonna be very-very tough situation to overcome regardless of who the Republican candidate is – though I’ve got my ideas on who might overcome that.  Before I get to that though I want to also point out for you that Obama is motivated for a second term.  Really-really motivated.  Not because he loves the job of president – he doesn’t.  If people think the guy is detached or distracted from the requirements of being president now, just wait until his second term.  He’s gonna step back even more than he already has. Whether it’s Jarrett or somebody else calling the shots at that point, it won’t be Obama.  He won’t give a -expletive- at all at that point.  What’s motivating him is simple greed.  Not legacy or the chance to do good deeds.  That’s all bullshit.  He’ll say something to the effect that he has work unfinished and needs a second term to complete what he started – that’s already forming as the reelection tag line out of the gate.  Heard that one first hand not long ago.  Pretty typical stuff – nothing original there, right?  But the main reason Obama wants a second term is greed.  Apparently they – the President and the First Lady, ran some kind of comparison model with a marketing group, or some-such thing, not sure who or what exactly…but some people came in last summer and explained to the Obamas what their earnings potential would be with just a first term vs two full terms.  I was around much more back then, much more connected to the day-to-day workings within the White House, so I have no reason to doubt this.  It came from a very reliable source, and I believe the expensing of the study, it…it could be located.  That’s what I was told.  Might prove embarrassing to the president I would think.  At any rate, the First Couple were shown that if they were to complete a full second term, and remember, they would both be relatively young people at that point – their future earnings potential with books, media, appearance fees, board designations, consulting…the whole thing, would be somewhere in the realm of 300% higher over just a single term.  Now Obama is gonna be a very wealthy man regardless – but it comes down to whether or not he makes tens of millions after leaving the White House, or hundreds of millions.  And that is the Obamas’ motivation for a second term – the primary motivation at any rate. Not helping others.  Not finishing a job undone.  None of that.  It’s greed.  That’s it.  They want to cash in on this presidential gig as much as possible.  You think Gore did well? You think the Clintons have made money?  You ain’t seen nothing compared to what is planned for the Obamas.

Ok, now let’s turn to who can beat Obama.  A longshot – but possible. I’ll grant you that.  It can happen.  I won’t talk about all the possible candidates but the ones I think are most serious about running – or have the best opportunity to form a viable campaign in 2012.

How about we start with Sarah Palin.  I know you like her.  Know what? I kinda like her too.  She’s managed to do quite well for herself and I gotta admire that a bit.  But can she win against Obama in 2012? No way.  And I mean no way in hell.  She would get maybe 30% of the vote.  If the Republicans are stupid enough to allow her the nomination – and I know they are already working to make sure that don’t happen…they don’t want a Christine O’Donnell campaign on a national scale…then they deserve to lose.  Get it out of your head – Sarah Palin cannot defeat Barack Obama.  Remember when I told you the Obama people worked to get McCain the nomination in 2008?  Don’t think they won’t do the same with Palin.  She is a danger to the Republicans, not Obama.

Then we got Romney.  He’s a better candidate than Palin – more serious.  He lacks something though, right?  If I were working his campaign…and let me say something here – I would work for the Romney people.  I won’t work for the Obamas.  You asked me that off the record a while back and I didn’t give you an answer.  Now I am.  I won’t do it.  No way.  I don’t care if I’m offered double what I earned last go round – I might work a campaign coming up – but it will never be for Obama’s reelection.  Never.

As for Romney – he has some funding.  He has some experience.  Looks decent on camera.  But the charisma is lacking a bit.  Though I’ve seen studies indicating that might not be such an issue for 2012.  People have grown tired of the Obama image thing and want something a bit more…substantial.  I don’t believe it entirely though.  Too many Americans still not paying attention.  Romney is offensive to the Hispanic vote as well.  Not sure why, but I’ve seen the numbers.  That is a problem.  Democrats have spent decades getting illegals into this country and now they are voting in big numbers and the payoff is there. Romney doesn’t appear capable of getting the Hispanic vote.  Could be the anti-Mormon thing.  Traditional Catholics, which makes up a significant block of the Hispanic vote, are rather hostile to the Mormon Church – at least that’s my understanding of it.  So no on Romney, ok?  He’s not the answer.

How about Huckabee?  I called him the frontrunner weeks ago, right?  Now guess what the polling shows him as?  The goddamn frontrunner, right?  I saw the internals – knew that to be the case.  You might not prefer it, but that is the fact.  Huckabee has been very smart with his media presence these past couple years.  He’s making some good money, while building up a strong base of support across the nation.  Of the first three I’ve mentioned, he’s the strongest possibility to defeat Obama in 2012.  Do I think he actually could?  No.  Would I like him to be our next president? No.  Would I prefer him over Obama?  Absolutely.

Then there’s Gingrich.  This one interests me.  Very-very bright man.  Not my favorite character a couple decades ago, but we’ve both grown a bit kinder and gentler since those days.  Newt has baggage. Everyone knows that.  But what he also has is a genuine intellect and an ability to share his knowledge in a way that is understood by most people.  A politician like Obama talks a lot but doesn’t say anything.  A politician like Gingrich talks a lot and says even more – that make sense?  Intellectually he is far superior to Barack Obama.  Trust me on that one.  I’ve said it many times before, but why not again?  Barack Obama is not nearly as bright as the image that has been created around him – and if people were to see him off script just a few times, they would walk away knowing we have a very…limited, man sitting in the White House these days.  Newt is far from limited intellectually.  He has the brains, he is somewhat charismatic, he would pose a serious risk to Obama during the debates…but the media would attack him ruthlessly.  I am not so certain he could withstand that attack.  No, let me clarify that.  He would not survive that attack.  Obama would have to do little – the media would destroy Gingrich, much the same way it would destroy Palin.

So now I want to talk about the candidate I think could defeat President Obama and make him a one-termer.  Never considered this person until a couple months ago when I was told he was thinking very seriously about being the Republican candidate.  At first I thought it was something of a joke, or some kind of marketing gimmick, but since then others have confirmed its legit – and considerable money is already being spent in preparation.  And you know what – I think this guy could win.  He really could.  And I would gladly work for this campaign…

Donald Trump.

He has name recognition that is as great as Obama’s – perhaps greater.  He could easily spend $50 million or more of his own money on the campaign – that alone makes him as viable as any of the others.  And there are stirrings of significant donors – companies fed up with Obama’s draconian attacks on American business, who could easily raise tens of millions more on behalf of a Trump campaign.  He’s well versed in dealing with the media.  He already has a boots on the ground organization that could readily engage in a national campaign.  He has far more international experience than any other candidate would – including the current President of the United States.  And here is something that most aren’t talking about – but it has the Obama reelection team already worried…Donald Trump enjoys strong support among the union rank and file.  His words against China – jobs going to China, is brilliant.  Union members – not the far left union leadership, but the union members themselves…many of them would vote for Trump over Obama.  Similar to what we saw with Reagan in the 1980s.  While the union leadership bitched and moaned about Reagan, many of the union members themselves quietly voted for the guy.  It infuriated us, but there was nothing we could do about it.  The blue collar union guys trusted Reagan.  The same thing would play out with Trump.  Donald Trump would make Obama have to spend money in places like New York, while he would also likely win a state like Florida, which is home to a lot of New York big money.  The dynamics of a Trump campaign – I find it a fascinating prospect.  He could defeat Obama – he really could.  And he can play tough.  All of the baggage Obama carries that Republicans are too afraid to bring up – too willing to remain politically correct.  Too afraid to be seen as attacking the “Black” president…I don’t think Donald Trump would have that fear.  And you can’t tell me there aren’t a lot of voters out there screaming at their televisions or radios or whatever, wondering why somebody doesn’t call Obama out on his bullshit.  Just lay it out there.  Stop playing nice, right.  The goddamn country is at stake here and the Republicans are still playing nice.  The frustration of that must be huge among conservative voters in America – and they still make up the largest block of overall voters.  That frustration is waiting to have somebody speak to it, and Donald Trump, in my opinion, is the best potential candidate right now to do just that.

Trump 2012.

Defeat Obama 2012.

I would love to work for that campaign…