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White House Insider: Obama A Demon Trying To Destroy America With Socialism?

White House Insider: Obama A Demon Trying To Destroy America With Socialism?

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While the “news” about Obama being the real Antichrist were recognized as a joke worldwide, the shocking reports about Obama and his demonic socialism destroying America are now widely accepted fact among some groups.

If only Americans would use their logics and their common sense…

All the Democrats and the Republicans needs to get their facts straight.

Just think for a moment, do you still remember the world and the USA before Barack Husein Obama demon overtake the presidency?

Do you remember the world before Obama’s Socialism and his “peace-keeping” efforts?

Do you remember USA before Obamacare and “the Bailout”?

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Do you remember golden era of the USA under the presidency of George Bush senior and Bill “wild” Clinton or “conquest era” of George W. Bush?

After demon-possessed Obama became the President of the USA everything changed to worse.

The people of the USA did nothing to stop this demon; in fact, most of them supported Obama in his decisions and still continue to support him in his Satanic efforts of turning the America into the Arabic Socialistic vassal country of the obedient serfs.

Mass media supports Obama and his minions to the fullest and internet is becoming increasingly controlled.

The last free blogger still alive is Ulsterman and his most authentic “insider” articles are the new “bible” of every true American who want to keep his country alive.

White House Insider’s report finished.

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