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Obama: It’s Time TO GO!

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It is time to go out and get some fresh air…

Obama woke up early last morning and was ready to go outside to get some fresh air and his daily portion of healthy exercise.

Mister President left the White House, like always with a big smile on his face and confidence that was shining from all of his body.

There is nothing better than early breakfast, hard exercise and some Michael Jackson’s songs in his ear in the spring, he once said.

After some workout jogging and relaxing, it is time for hard work in the office.

Making mayor decisions that will affect not only millions of Americans but billions of other citizens of the planet  is not an easy task.

But, judging on what we have seen, it seems that our president’s morning rituals are sure helping him in his job.

Being president is not only about making big decisions and leading the country.

It is also endurance test.

And nobody want to see President Obama don’t make it to the second term.

While some people are attacking Obama, most of the citizens are still cheering their president, the leader…

Obama is enjoying support of millions from around the world and is still the most popular politician in the world…

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