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Who is the richest head of state in the world? Can you guess? Barrack Obama? Unfortunately he is number four when it comes to the highest paid leader in the world. You will be surprised who is at the very top. After reviewing this list, you may feel like asking for a raise.

The only million dollar political leader in the world hails from the island city state of Singapore. He makes more money in a day than the average Singaporean in a month.

1. Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister of Singapore
Annual Salary $US2,856,930

2. Donald Tsang

Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong
Annual Salary: US$513, 246

3. Raila Odinga

Prime Minister Of Kenya
Annual Salary:US$427, 886

4. Barrack Obama

President of the United States
Annual Salary: US$400, 000

5. Nicholas Sarkhozy

President of France
Annual Salary:US$345,423

6. Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada
Annual Salary:US$296,400

7. Mary McAleese

President of Ireland
Annual Salary:US$287,900

8. Julia Gillard

Prime Minister Of Australia
Annual Salary:US$286,752

9. Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany
Annual Salary:US$283,608

10. Naoto Kan

Prime Minister of Japan

Annual Salary:US$273,676

At least we know now who are the current political leaders of our fellow writers here and how much each of them earn annually. You can go and ask for raise now.

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