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That is what President Obama’s Attorneys were told on March 3rd, after a judgment ruling against Obamacare January 31st. President Obama brushed off Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling so will he comply now?

On January 31st Judge Roger Vinson made a judgment against Obamacare stating that the mandatory insurance provision was unconstitutional and further declared the entire law void after having received twenty six states bringing lawsuits to the Florida district court challenging the Obama healthcare reform law referred to as Obamacare.

President Obama having been an attorney for a law firm in the past, as was his wife; knows full well how to play the system. Most all attorneys do it to gain ground and force things their way whether right or wrong; they don’t care about the wrong so long as they win.

President Obama seems to hold true to the Attorney format of things when it comes to his namesake Obamacare as the White House called Judge Vinson’s ruling “extreme” and “outlier;” then instructed the nation “implementation would proceed apace.” For those that don’t know the term “apace” means quickly.

Judge Vincent said the delay of two and a half weeks before even requesting a clarification on the courts interpretation of the constitution involving this case may have been calculated. Anyone that has had any dealings with attorneys would know that the delay was nothing more then a stall tactic; no surprise there.

Last week Judge Vinson issued a “stay” to delay the practical effects of overturning the healthcare law and allowed seven days for the administration to request an expedited appeal. President Obama is not the first President to attempt to overthrow a Supreme Court Decision; President Richard Nixon tried it in 1974, President Andrew Jackson in 1819 and President Abraham Lincoln acquiesced in a court’s decision regarding Dred Scott v Sanford in 1857. In short “The court has the final say in any legal controversy.”