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Another look through the UK’s news. A cocktail of history, science and technology set off with a twist of wry humour!

At long last, following a hectic week or two, I’ve had a chance to catch up with a bit of online newspaper flitting and have found a few things that I thought readers may find interesting, informative or amusing.

I’m doing a bit of a time travelling this time around.

I found two news items both covering the same story.  An archaeological dig at York has discovered what seems to be a Roman gladiators grave site.  Being a bit of a history buff, I found it amazing what these archaeologists unearthed.  I know we had bears and wolves over here in the UK but goodness knows how they managed to import live big cats.  I don’t think I would have wanted to have been travelling on the ship that carried those particular passengers!

Pierre Carrier-Belleuse – Young Ballerina Holding A Black Cat (1895)

And from big cats to smaller moggies.  This article shows a black and white cat from Romania who found himself in a bit of a pickle and almost ended up losing all nine lives in one go!

Thank heavens for good Samaritans – but knowing how proud cats are, I suspect this one was furry-us at being caught on camera in a most compromising position!

James Gillray (1757–1815) – A voluptuary under the horrors of digestion

At the moment, our press seems to be completely absorbed in how the government can make public spending cuts to try and get our national debt under control following the Labour government’s demise last month but it seems that HRH Prince Edward has already had a taste, literally, of what may lie ahead for the Royal Family budget-wise!

On a visit to Ireland, he and his good lady wife were denied dinner in a top-notch hotel and ended up with a pie and a pint in the local pub!

If the government do have to make huge cuts in public spending then those people most affected may like to look at the next article which shows how frugal people were during the medieval period.

Edmund Blair Leighton – Wedding March (1919)

Now we come back up to date again, and take a look at our obsession with the latest gadgets.  As most of us know iPads are the latest must have gadget but some people, it seems, just don’t know where to draw the line!

I’m just wondering if this happy couple shared their honeymoon with their friends on Twitter and Facebook!

And still on the science and technology theme, let’s take a trip into outer space – it seems that NASA  have a sense of humour.  They have a wonderful selection of tunes which they send out from planet Earth to astronauts to ease them out of their slumber.

And finally …

Although Nostradamus was famed for his predictions for the future (even if they were somewhat open to interpretation) it seems that in the 17th century the lesser known Robert Boyle, one of the founders of The Royal Society, made several predictions of his own which are far more accurate.  It’s incredible just exactly what he foresaw for the future.

I wonder what he’d make of iPad weddings and alarm calls in outer space!