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Why all the hype about Bachmann’s migraines? Will it really impact her run for president?

As I follow the presidential candidates for this coming election, it never ceases to amaze me what the media will find to blow out of proportion. Things that are a part of everybody’s life become a major concern in the eyes of the media. As a writer, I can see how much of it is nothing that a chance for those in the media to make money. Their employment is based upon their ability to find things to write about, and many of them have become very good at finding “monumental issues” when there is really nothing to report. And they most likely know that themselves. But if the topic will draw web traffic or put a smile on their editor’s face, it is worth the moral compromise. Though they know that they are hurting a politican’s reputation and carreer unnecessarily, it is their job. We all know that life is all about that next paycheck, right? So what is the latest example that put me on this topic?

It has recently become public knowledge that Michele Bachmann suffers from migraines. Suddenly this is a focal point for both Republicans and Democrats. Other presidential candidates are using it to cast doubt on her ability to successfully fulfill the responsibilities of President. The media was already putting their spin on it, and the other candidates using this news gave reporters and news networks even more to write about. The main question being asked is: “Will this condition keep Bachmann from successfully performing her duties if she is given the responsibility of leading this country?” But other, more rediculous twist are appearing. For example, “she is against national health care but she can afford medicin to take care of these migraines, does she not care about those who can’t afford the medicine?” Really? Isn’t all this hype aboubt such an insignifican thing