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A miracle has taken place in Birmingham, England. It came to pass near the Frankfurt Christmas Market, staged in Victoria Square, not far from the Fluzzie in the Jacuzzi statue. A weird assumption, Birmingham City Council’s nativity exhibition and a gnome played their part in this fantastic happening.

The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways His Wonders to Perform

In broad daylight, but magically not witnessed by any of the many CCTV cameras trained on it, the statue of baby Jesus Christ – amidst the Holy Family, farm animals and various visitors (statues, not real people) – vanished into thin air. Even more miraculous, the statue of the baby Lord could not be found… obviously he (the baby doll) had copied the Bodily Assumption of his human namesake all them years ago. But behold! Jesus Christ had been replaced by a garden gnome – all unseen by human or CCTV camera eyes.

Victoria Square, in central Birmingham (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Fluzzie in the Jacuzzi earlier this year – picture taken near the site of the Birmingham Christmas Miracle.

It Came to Pass in Birmingham, England (not Alabama)!

Lo and behold the miracle came to pass in Birmingham, England (not Alabama)! Double lo! AndAnotherThing had a reporter on hand ready to interview the people of this most Holy City, also known as Brummies. Here’s what some of them had to say about Birmingham’s Christmas Miracle:

We’re not worthy!

Crikey, no doubt it were a miracle! I was standing there talking to our Steve and one minute the Lord was a baby, the next he was just a common-or-garden gnome with a red hat!

I’ve never known nunk like it!

Well, smack my bum and call me George! It is a miracle!

Did You See This or Any Other Miracle? 

If you’ve witnessed a miracle recently or in the dark, distant past, please leave a comment below.

Birmingham and Midland Institute (formerly The Birmingham Library) – closed gate (Photo credit: ell brown) The sort of place you’d expect a miracle.