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Incredible Photo – A sniper from UK killed two Taliban’s with one bullet – see the incredible distance.

 	SUPER FOTO - Un lunetist britanic a ucis doi talibani cu un singur glont - vezi de la ce distanta incredibila! Dangerous Afghan Taliban have no chance against the top snipers in the UK. 75 Taliban were killed in 40 days just two snipers!

Performance is the more sensational the better sniper fired a single bullet from 196 yards and hit two insurgents 
while they went on a motorcycle!

Kick is so rare that snipers have given even a name – hit “Quigley” – after the 1990 western Quigley Down Under Tom Selleck’s character that manages a magical shot.

For the two top shooters in the UK that have raged in Afghanistan, the record is given a second round of classes in which they killed eight Taliban, most of the blows coming from distances of 1200 meters or 1400.