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Another embarrasing news cames out from US Army in Afghanistan’s war.

This may seem “not credible” for you, but it is obvious that the U.S. crusader forces in diapers while fighting with Taliban fighters. And now their condition (the enemy) the “sad” because the supply of diapers they should be hampered, because the blockade of Pakistan over the US-NATO supplies to Afghanistan. News is very surprising because the U.S. is considered “super power” and force them to be feared by the slaves Crusader-Zionist, but the embarrassing fact that they fear to face the mujahideen so that a diaper while fighting.

Ansar Abbasi, a prominent writer and editor in one newspaper of Pakistan, the international news site has raised an interesting fact with humorous columns published “Nappy Army (U.S.)”. He said ISAF spokesman in Afghanistan contacted in this regard, ISAF denied that Abbasi was not a soldier, also did not know that marinirAS and NATO troops wear a diaper while fighting a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. But a diplomatic source said the blockade of supplies to US-NATO by Pakistan has made the Crusader forces suffered in many aspects, including a severe shortage of diapers for the Crusader forces US-NATO.


In addition, one Urdu-language newspaper reported last month that the U.S. government’s terrorist had contacted Pakistan urged to immediately provide diapers. Newspaper report claimed that the reports lack diapers first appeared in the U.S. media but the official report was never confirmed by U.S. or NATO Central Command. It is said that during military operations and is currently fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers wear nappies to fight their enemies without unduly risking their lives. According to one analyst, U.S. forces-NATO armored vehicles and sophisticated they are, do not dare to come out of their vehicles to ease their fear of the attacks by the Taliban.

The report shows that the US-NATO forces crusaders using diapers to urinate for fear of Taliban fighters. Despite their technological advantage to the extreme and the distribution of hundreds of thousands of their troops in Afghanistan to fight Taliban mujahiidn, America has almost lost his battle against Taliban fighters are far fewer in number.

It is a shame for the defeat of the U.S. crusader forces and their lackeys in Afghanistan.