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I saw this one the news tonight. Some of the representatives from the Senate and House of Representatives have filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama.

  It seems as if controversy has followed the United States President from day one.  People either loved him or they hated him, but there were others like me who just tolerated him because he was voted president so what could I do about it? 

  The recent lawsuit stems from the United State’s involvement in Libya.  The lawsuit alleges that the members of the House of Representatives and Senate were not consulted before a military action was launched in Libya.  If this is the case, under the Constitution, Obama could be impeached.  However, from what I have heard about the past impeachments, it is a long and tedious process and the United States is due for an election next year. The impeachment may never have a chance to happen.

  Many wonder why our President has done some of the things he has done and my answer to them would be that I really do not have a clue.  I did not vote for the man.  I did my research on the candidates before I voted and did not support many of the things that Obama believes in.  Even though I consider myself a Democrat, I chose a different candidate. 

  In the past, I have been accused of being racist because I do not support the President.  This is ridiculous because I have three tribes of Native American in me along with German and Irish.  If I was racist, I would have to hate myself.  There is a very big difference between racism and a differing belief in opinions.  Just because I do not agree with you or you do not agree with me does not mean that I am a racist or sexist.  It means that I am an American and I am exercising my freedom of speech.

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