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Top advisor David Axelrod says, "nothing to it." Hillary Clinton remains quiet on subject.

Last week our own Insider series gave clear indication there would be mainstream media reports regarding a possible Hillary Clinton move to be Obama’s Vice President just prior to the 2012 re-election bid.  Within 48 hours of publication, this Washington D.C. Insider proved accurate once again.  Such significant news outlets as CNN, Fox, and Drudge were reporting on just such a possibility.

The Obama White House has now refuted the story, indicating it has no present plans of moving Hillary Clinton into the role of Vice President of the United States.  Supporters of such a move believe it would help to energize the Democratic Party base and thus ensure Obama’s re-election in 2012.  Opponents of the plan worry the move would confirm a White House in turmoil and a president without a coherent plan or message for the American people.

And yet, despite the White House’s current outward stance against the notion of Hillary Clinton replacing Joe Biden as Vice President, the rumor persists.  Noted reporter Bob Woodward spoke last weekend onthe subject on national television, indicating such a move to be “on the table” within the Obama White House.

Our own D.C. Insider indicated one of two options for Hillary Clinton.  She is either going to accept the Vice President position, or she is going to run against Obama in 2012.  According to the Insider, it will be one or the other.  We hope to bring you more Insider insights in the coming weeks.

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