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The PCOS Machines are very easy to use!

Allright! 6 days to go people and then we make HISTORY! But do you know who to vote for? Yeah! Are you sure you’re in the voters list? Yeah! Do you know how to use the PCOS Machine? Ye- No…. Really Huh?

The Government has been advertising on TV about it so I’m sure you have some idea about it?

Yes? No? Either way I’ll explain it to you…

A voter doesn’t need to touch anything on the PCOS Machine, the Board of Elections Inspector will do it for you! Don’t worry! The BEI’s know how to use them, they have been properly trained by the government. That means that people who don’t know anything about computers can still vote! The only thing you should care about is that you should shade the ovals in the ballots and make sure you insert it to the PCOS Machine correctly. If the PCOS Machine doesn’t accept it, then try inserting it to many different ways. You only have four tries so use it wisely! Do not tear the ballot nor but unnecessary marks on it! This will either not be counted or will be marked as invallid. There is only one ballot per person so use it wisely! You don’t want your vote not to be counted or maybe your chosen candidate only needs one vote to win and you blew it.

Anyway! Remember always report people who try to buy/sell votes! And NEVER EVER Try to cheat the system!