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A bitter truth.

Pakistan, though a beautiful country and a great nation, has its own little problems. One of the main problems here is discrimination due to political influence. There are many cases where a deserving student is denied a seat in a university in order to offer the place to some minister’s son, or where a qualified person is unemployed and a totally incapable but influential person enjoys a high position. No rules apply to the offspring of the MNAs and MPs. If anything wrong happens to someone from the lower classes, they have absolutely no hope for justice. The most disappointing thing is that there appears to be no immediate solution to this problem.

I was most touched when a shopkeeper told us his story while we were shopping last week. I was shocked to know that the person selling small goods to make both ends meet was a qualified civil engineer. While he was in his final year in the engineering college, there had been riots between the two major casts in the province of Sindh in Pakistan. Despite keeping away from all issues, he, and a number of other students had been victimized by their teachers who belonged to the opposite cast. Their marks were unfairly cut, their certificates withheld; and none of those students was allowed to graduate.

The man began to cry when he told us how he had spent the next few years running about, trying to find some way to get justice, to get the certificate he had worked so hard for. On failing all attempts, he had given up his ambitions and started working in a shop in order to feed his family.

This is one out of thousands of similar stories. A person who has no political contacts has no way of getting his rights. I just hope and pray that the responsible people of this country realize, and strive to get rid of this discrimination.