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U.S. Politician Anthony Weiner had originally wished his sexting scandal would fizzle out. With more women coming forth with new sexting photos the topic isn’t about to die down. Now a doll is being created to immortalize Anthony Weiner and his infamous sexting.

Anthony Weiner is king of sexting. This is another situation where a person has done something “stupid” and will live with regrets. As most of us know, some regrets can’t be lived down. Anthony Weiner is one such person who is learning this lesson well. Not only have his actions underscored disloyalty to his marriage vows but his not well thought out acts of sexting (sending sexually suggestive or explicit photos) to numerous women will forever be remembered in the form of a toy doll.

Two Choices of the Anthony Weiner Doll

An innovative business has created two versions of a doll of Anthony Weiner. One safe for children to play with the other more “adult” rated. The prices for the two versions are between $40 and $50 dollars. Interested persons can purchase a doll of Anthony Weiner at to add to their action or perverted doll collection. Anthony Weiner will have a hard time forgetting his indiscretions with a hard plastic model of him wearing shorts that state “Tweet This” being sold online.

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A Place in History

For Anthony Weiner, it will be hard enough to confront his wife face to face and provide an explanation as to why an intelligent person would do something to endanger his relationship with his mate and his supporters. But it has been known that when certain men come into positions of power they think they are above the norms and laws everyone else must observe. History is filled with powerful men doing “stupid” things earning their infamous place in history.

Yet Anthony Weiner, as king of sexting, has surpassed those men and their deeds. After all how many men in power have had a doll created to immortalize their scandalous behavior securing their place in history? Do you think Anthony Weiner will buy one for his unborn child? Probably not.

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