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Video footage apparently showing the killing of 16 policemen in the restive northwestern Pakistan that was released by the Taliban.

The video shows members of the police lined up on a hill with their hands tied behind. They stood in front of a group of armed Taliban who yell at them and shoot them.

The incident was said to occur in June, when militants crossed the border from Afghanistan and police arrest.

Pakistan army spokesman told the BBC the video seemed genuine.

Statement posted next to the video said members were arrested in police cross-border operations from Afghanistan in June in Dir district of Pakistan.

The bodies were found by local residents after the militants left.

BBC video footage from mobile phone get a police officer who showed the residents found the bodies.

Vengeance The area was frequently targeted by insurgents and hundreds of militia members reportedly came to the town of Dir Shalato in a remote corner near the border with Kunar province in Afghanistan.

At least 25 Pakistani soldiers were also killed in the clashes that long. Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

The video posted by the Taliban is very creepy. The members of police lined the left side of the screen and only have a few more seconds before being shot.

To the right of a local Pakistani Taliban commander accused them of being enemy of Islam and claiming that God wanted him to punish them.

He also mentioned that Pakistan security forces lined the six “children” from Swat and shoot them.

The statement refers to a videotape that appeared last year that apparently shows six young men suspected Taliban members were herded into the forest and killed by the Pakistani army – Pakistan’s military said the video was a fake.

After scolding members of the Pakistan Taliban police begin to execute them and one by one the officers fell to the ground as bullets were fired upon.

Not long after that a member of the militia opened fire on their head looks the one to make sure they are all dead.