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Is this the greediest man in the world? We give our suggestion about who is the greediest man in the world. If you do not agree you can make your nomination in the comments section below this article.

We think the greediest man in the world is the fourth president of the Arabic Republic of Egypt. His name is Hosni Mubarak.

 Mubarak in 2009 Image from Wikipedia Commons

Greed is a Relative Concept

Since coming to power in 1981, after the public assassination of Anwar Sadat (the third president of Egypt), Mubarak is reported to have squirrelled away a massive fortune of $23 Billion. By any measure this is a gross amount of money. However, when it is considered that this money was taken from one of the poorest countries in the world in which many people live in abject poverty this personal fortune is disgusting.

So look into the eyes of this greedy man. Remember all the suffering he has overseen and the repression and murders he has sanctioned. Promise yourself that you would never be like him. Commit yourself to living a decent life to not being selfish and looking after those with less.

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