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It was amusing to watch America’s first "black president" have to rescue America’s first BLACK PRESIDENT.

The SPECTACLE OF THE WEEK was not when Obama labeled the Republicans “hostage takers” for holding his feet to the fire over tax cuts–although that was a fun moment, no doubt, and yet again revealed the depth of Obama’s absurdity. 

No, it was that delicious moment when America’s first “black president” was called in to save face for America’s first BLACK PRESIDENT.  (Click the link to watch the press conference on you tube)

We all know the congressional democrats are infuriated at Obama’s “compromise” with republicans over the “tax cuts”.  Reports indicate that at least one democrat, while attending closed door sessions to decide what to do about the compromise, angrily said “F#%$ the president!”  There is now growing discord and unveiled comments suggesting that Obama has “sold out” his base, and should not be the candidate for the Democrats in 2012.  And daily we see more evidence that his base–which essentially sat out the 2010 midterm elections–has become even more disaffected with him.

The whole thing is incredibly comical.  As Obama walked into the White House press room, his opening statement was amateurish beyond belief: “It’s a slow day so I thought I’d bring ‘the other guy’ in…”  (That was rich, since he was referring to the same week in which his tax plan exploded and the Wikileaks scandal grew to monumental proportions)

The “other guy” was not some economic adviser, or a university professor, no, it was none other than former President Bill Clinton.  He then made an extremely brief introduction and stood aside to allow a former president to try to speak to his base and his own party in an attempt to save his ass. 

The only thing Obama could have done that would have been less “presidential” would have been to stand before the cameras and say something like; “Did I say tax cuts for the rich?  My teleprompter must have been hacked by Bush!”

What appears to have really steamed the shorts of Democratic representatives is that Obama totally blindsided them.  He met with Republican leaders and then announced to the public his decision to support a plan that was a two-way compromise.  He would allow the taxes to remain at their current level for the wealthiest tax payers (which democrats consider a tax cut, somehow), but in turn the Republicans agreed to keeping this arrangement temporary (it’s a two year plan), and would extend the unemployment benefits for another year.

The fact that he announced this agreement unilaterally, without consulting House and Senate Democrats, was the proverbial straw that broke the Liberals’ back.  After spending so many months “carrying water for the president”, former Speaker (soon to be minority leader…maybe) Nancy Pelosi was furious.  Not even the muscular paralysis caused by years of Botox abuse could hide that fact.

But why is this a surprise to the Democrats?  Obama has repeatedly acted like a de facto king, repeatedly attempting to bypass congress and rule by decrees and executive branch policies.  A few “good” Democrats have complained about that fact, while the rest of the jellyfish let him get away with it.  This may have been due to their belief that Obama was a new Teflon president and he could lead them to the promised land.  But the devastating results of last November’s elections demonstrated that he is no longer an inspiring leader–if he ever was one, which I doubt.

So now the Democrats are really in a spot.  Having dallied away the months before the midterm election, which is when they should have extended tax relief for the middle class, they now find themselves not only fighting the Republicans–who are still in a minority position during this Lame Duck congress–but against their president as well.  What’s more, they now have been outflanked by Bill Clinton who, like the cavalry, rode in to save President Custer.  I mean…Obama.

The Democrats have already revealed that they are clueless regarding the economy.  On the one hand, they have said that government spending would stimulate the economy, but that didn’t happen.  Then they said that tax cuts would stimulate the economy.  Now Obama has come out and stated emphatically that “billions of dollars in payroll tax cuts that can immediately help rejuvinate the economy, as well as tax cuts for middle class.” They have insisted that tax cuts for “small businesses” under $250,000 per year would create jobs. 

They then try to explain how tax cuts for the larger corporations, that employ thousands and tens of thousands of citizens, would NOT stimulate the economy.  Why?  Because the tax cuts would add to the deficit unless there were spending cuts.

Did you hear that America?  The Democrats just admitted that spending cuts are necessary, and yet they have offered NONE of that sort of medicine.

In my opinion, the Democrats have just given Republicans the best Christmas gift imaginable.  Republicans can now say that they wanted to keep taxes low, but the Democrats scuttled that plan.  They can say that they offered to compromise, and it was the Democrats who refused to compromise, as they also refused to acknowledge that in just one month they will become the minority party in the House.  And if they pass the current bill, the tax cuts become an election year issue in 2012.  If they hope that tax cuts will add to the deficit and give them a 2012 election year platform, they may be in form disappointment: the new Tea Party controlled Congress is almost certainly going to take an axe to the budget.

All of which would make for a very entertaining spectacle, if it weren’t for the fact that Obama’s incompetence is severely weakening the country.