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CBO comments indicate $540 Billion savings over ten years if Obamacare was repealed. ALSO, it would eliminate $770 BILLION from the tax burden against the American people.

President Barack Obama’s massive and far-reaching healthcare overhall remains a dubious achievement of considerable consequence.  Poll after poll shows Americans wanting to see the bill repealed, or at the very least, significantly modified.  House Republicans are preparing to vote for repeal in the coming week.  State governors across the nation are preparing to wage legal battle against the high cost to accomodate the many mandates inherent in the bill.  State attorney generals are challenging Obamacare’s forced compliance requirement, declaring it unconstitutional – a vast overreach of federal authority.

The United States Supreme Cour awaits.

And now, thanks to the good folks at The American Spectator, we have just released CBO comments outlining how the repeal of Obamacare would result in $540 billion in spending savings and a $770 billion reduction in the overall taxpayer burden that continues to suffocate and hamper economic growth and job production.

Within the CBO report is a decidedly favorable toward government spin from CBO Associate Director Edward Davis – who takes the reduction in tax amount from the overall savings amount and then describes the difference as a an “increase in deficits” of $230 billion.  Such math is an example of the ongoing and deepening difference between conservatives and liberals in America.  Big Government liberals see taking less of taxpayers’ money as “increase in deficits”, while fiscal conservatives view it as lessening the tax burden which in turn allows more opportunity for private sector job growth, which in turn actually generates more overall tax revenue.

Despite the version of the numbers given by CBO Associate Directo Edward Davis, his comments clearly point to the high cost of Obamacare – $770 billion in new taxes, and and $540 billion in new spending – and those numbers don’t adequately reflect the number shuffling aspects of Medicare impacts, greatly increased costs to states now required to fund the Obamacare mandates, increases in agency budgets to oversee and enforce regulatory compliance, and on and on and on.

Instead, take the CBO’s figure of $770 billion in taxes and $540 billion in new spending and you arrive at the overall cost of Obamacare – a $1.3 TRILLION mess being funded by you – the American taxpayer.

Repeal the damn bill – all of it.  Fight it in Congress.  Fight it in the courts.  If ever there was a political fight worthy of the effort, repealing Obamacare is it.