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As we wait for our next interview with our White House Insider, let us take a look back on the information already given to us by this now (in)famous political operative…

September 7th, 2010:  The first installment of the White House Insider is published.

White House Insider on Obama: The President Is Losing It.

In our initial sit down with the White House Insider, we receive a deluge of information regarding a West Wing in crisis and a president seemingly withdrawn from the day to day obligations of of the job of president.  Notable information includes the insider revealing Obama’s disdain toward Joe Biden, continued mistrust of Hillary Clinton’s political intentions, and a strong hint of dissatisfaction with then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

September 15th, 2010: The second installment of the White House Insider is published.  This installment was later republished via Newsflavor on October 25th.

White House Insider Part 2: The President Needs To Grow Up

In this edition the White House Insider reveals a Democratic Party that is “the most chaotic I have ever seen it” – a situation later confirmed by several mainstream media accounts.  The Insider states the party’s current problems originated with Pelosi’s position as Speaker in 2006 – “We put in place a Speaker of the House who is an absolute public relations train wreck.”  The Insider also suggests Michelle Obama is actually the political left of Nancy Pelosi, hints at issues between the First Lady and President, as well as perceptions the First Lady is not particularly well liked within the White House itself.

September 18th, 2010:  What was originally to be our third and final installment.  The Insider, apparently happy with the response of the series, suggested we continue with further interviews.

White House Insider: What The Hell Have We Done?

Here we see the Insider explaining their motivation in revealing this information publicly, stating they hope to help move the Democratic Party forward from its current mess – that by revealing this information via a blog, it offers both protection, as well as helping force the mainstream media to begin giving a more honest accounting of the Obama White House, which will in turn force a real change in direction for the party.  The Insider indicates the November elections will be tough for Democrats, but that they still believe 2012 can be salvaged.  Considerable portions of the interview pertain to the Insider’s anger at the Obama administrations seeming indifference toward Democrats who voted for the healthcare bill now facing the end to their political careers – again a situation that was later confirmed by various mainstream media reports. 

September 21st, 2010: In an email, the White House Insider shifts from giving generalized accounts of what is going on within the Obama White House to sharing very specific revelations regarding political power plays within the Democratic Party.

White House Insider: The Clintons Are Going For It

Of particular interest here is not only the news of a move by the Clintons to apparently test the waters for a possible challenge to Obama in 2012, but also indications of Democrats from within the party working to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker regardless of the November elections outcome.  Within days of this report, the mainstream media produces very similar accounts regarding infighting within the Democratic Party and House Speaker Pelosi.

September 23rd, 2010: The White House Insider follows up on their brief report from a few days earlier regarding the Clintons and their aspirations to regain the White House.

White House Insider Update: President Clinton Intentions Revealed

In this installment, the Insider makes a very direct indication that significant media reports regarding Hillary Clinton’s possible run in 2012 were about to come out – and this is in fact exactly what happened.  The Insider also reminds us of their accurate predictions regarding mass exodus by White House staff – namely Larry Summers’ and Rahm Emanuel’s departure.

September 27th, 2010: A shocking revelation from the Insider regarding President Obama’s reportedly ongoing battle with depression.

White House Insider: Obama Battling Severe Depression

Perhaps the most controversial of the Insider reports, as it indicates a president taking anti-depression medication, as well as revelations of other health concerns surrounding President Obama.  The Insider ended this interview stating a figure within the Democratic Party would give revelations as to the situation within the White House and Congress just prior to the midterm elections.  While various Democratic Party politicos produced various indications regarding issues within the party in the days leading up to the November elections, there appears to have been no bombshell revelations.  We intend to follow up with the Insider regarding this.

October 3rd, 2010:  In an attempt to deal with increasing concerns over a possible Hillary Clinton run for President in 2012, the Obama White House has quietly made overtures to Clinton to replace Joe Biden as Obama’s Vice President.

White House Insider: Obama Offering Hillary Clinton Vice President Position

This installment was most remarkable in that it gave what appeared to be a highly speculative indication of an offer from the Obama White House to Hillary Clinton to be Obama’s Vice President for 2012.  Within 48 hours of our publication, all the major media outlets were reporting the exact same thing.

October 7th, 2010:  Our White House Insider reveals shocking revelations of an ongoing battle between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama White House, as well as an enraged Michelle Obama taking on former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary Clinton keeping Obama guessing.

White House Insider: Pelosi And Obama At War

In what has become a prevailing theme in the Insider reports, we see further indications of ongoing dissatisfaction between Speaker Pelosi and President Obama.  Of particular note in this update was the Insider’s descriptions of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as having been marginalized within the Obama White House – and the revealing of a particularly heated conflict between Emanuel and the First Lady.  Subsequent reports by the mainstream media seemingly confirm that Emanuel’s role in the White House was in fact greatly reduced in the months leading up to his resignation.  The Insider also commented on the growing responsibilities of adviser Valarie Jarret – a situation also later confirmed by mainstream media accounts.

October 13th, 2010:  Our White House Insider sends us this email detailing an explosive confrontation between First Lady Michelle Obama and members of White House Staff.

White House Insider: Michelle Obama Blowout?

Insider reports on a First Lady having grown increasingly aggressive and paranoid.  Utilizes the phrase “bunker mentality” in describing the White House – a term later repeated often by mainstream media in the days leading up to the midterm elections.  Also indicates that Robert Gibbs is on his way out as White House Spokesperson, having fallen out of favor with Michelle Obama.

October 18th, 2010:  Our White House Insider delivers another emailed update indicating the Clintons are still giving strong consideration to 2012, continued conflicts between Obama and Pelosi, and coming-soon revelations about a “serious” White House scandal.

White House Insider: Coming Soon – Serious White House Scandal

While this update gave the first substantial indications by our Insider of a looming political scandal on the White House horizon, there were also numerous tellings that were quickly proven quite correct as well.  One such example was the Insider’s report that Pelosi was considering retirement from Congress if Democrats did not retain control of the House.  Within two weeks, this exact story was then being reported upon by the media.  The Insider also indicated Hillary Clinton turned down the Vice President offer – and within days of our publication, the media then confirmed Clinton had no interest in being Obama’s Vice President.

October 25th, 2010:  Our latest interview with the White House Insider reveals a Democratic Party civil war, with growing opposition to the Obama White House.

White House Insider:  “They were in shock at the President’s behavior.”

A disturbing accounting of President Obama’s odd and detached behavior during a military briefing sets the tone for this update.

…It sounds like you’re preparing for political war with this White House.  Yes, I suppose that is a fair description of what is happening.  I’m not alone.  There are more and more of us within the Democratic Party who are ready to challenge this president. 

October 26th, 2010:    Part two of our most lengthy and detailed interview yet with the White House Insider.

White House Insider:  “President Obama Is Lost.  Absolutely Lost.”

They are scrambling to make that happen, but after November, the White House loses its protection.  I told you that – you understand that, right?

…The word is out there – President Obama is in real trouble.  They may not have the specifics, but the story of a big scandal coming is circulating now within the party – both parties. 

Since publication, Republican Congressional leaders have openly declared intent to investigate the Obama White House for various alleged wrongdoings.  Other susequent media reports have also specifically focused on the Justice Department’s mishandling of the 2008 Voters Rights case, as well as the ongoing Chicago based Shorebank investigation.

October 31st, 2010:  A brief emailed message from our White House Insider once again reinforces the significant rift between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president – and a looming cloud of scandal now threatening the Obama White House.

White House Insider: Pelosi Willing To Help Take Obama Down

Several bits of information here regarding Speaker’s Pelosi’s willingness to assist in attacking President Obama.  Interesting to note Pelosi failed to mention President Obama once during her brief interview following the midterm election results.  She appeared decidedly concerned over those members of her party who were now facing political extinction after having been defeated on Tuesday.  Insider described Democrat Party as divided between “Clinton Democrats” and “Obama Democrats” – a term since repeated often by mainstream media members.  Another description by the Insider of the Obama trip to India as “running away” also repeated by mainstream media. 

Lastly, reference by Insider to someone called “Pat” regarding a proposed meeting by Democratic Party power players following the Tuesday elections could have been a reference to party insider Patrick Caddell, a longtime significant figure within the Democratic Party dating back to the McGovern Campaign.  Caddell has been a vocal opponent of the current Democratic Party leadership and specifically the Obama White House.  It has been reported Caddell did in fact indicate a meeting of party insiders to have taken place November 3rd during a Fox News interview segment.