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Axelrod would be yet another top advisor to be gone from the Obama White House – more likely to follow.

Once again supporting the claims by the White House Insider series, word from White House sources are indicating that David Axelrod, senior advisor to President Obama and perhaps the primary architect of the Obama 2008 election campaign, will be leaving the White House soon.  It is still uncertain as to the reasons for Axelrod’s departure, and if he is doing so under good terms with the administration.

Axelrod, though highly praised for his handling of the Obama 2008 campaign, came under increasing criticism for his repeated errors in creating a cogent White House message on such critical topics as healthcare reform, and the economy.  Insider reports indicate Axelrod’s role within the West Wing has been steadily diminished in recent months.

Despite the rumors, Axelrod recently declared he is “not leaving anytime soon.”  Such statements are common practice in politics when a member of a political staff is actually on their way out.  No confirmation has yet been made on whether or not Axelrod will play a role in Obama’s re-election bid in 2012.