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Despite a busy and complicated schedule, our D.C. Insider manages to give us some emailed responses to a few questions posed to them recently.

Question: Wikileaks? Has it hurt Hillary C.?

Looks to be a side show at this point.  More a distraction really.  Interesting reading, not much more than that.  Does seem to indicate this admin is incapable of securing country’s info properly, though that problem has been ongoing pre-Obama.  Don’t be distracted by this story.  As to Hillary…so far those leaks seem to show she’s the only one taking the threats to country seriously.  Minimal long term damage to her.  Timing of the “leaks” interesting though.  Don’t have time to look into that.  Maybe you could?


Question:  Hillary for President?  Still a possibility? 

Yes.  Bill wants it more than her at this point I believe.  But that option is still in play.  Did you note the increased primary challenge to Obama chatter in recent weeks?  Gave you this scenario some time ago. Now it has become reality.  And the party donors are not falling back in line with Obama. Not all of them.  WH has basically a 24/7 please support us again campaign underway to these donors.  Very unusual for sitting president to have to do that this soon and this aggressively.  Shows just how unhappy people in own party have become w/him.


Question:  Obama/Clinton Press Conference. Thoughts?

LOL! I don’t have enough time in the day to give you all my thoughts on that!  As I told you earlier, Clinton was very happy following that press conference.  It sent some serious rumbles through the party structure.  And here is what is being under reported.  It wasn’t so much how good Clinton was but how bad Obama was.  Bill Clinton was being Bill Clinton, and nobody does that kind of thing better than he does.  But seeing Obama leave that stage for a Xmas party??????  That was just crazy stuff wasn’t it?  If Obama didn’t still somehow enjoy having most the media working to protect him that kind of thing might have just finished him right there.  And you were right when you asked about how he treated Robert Gibbs.  To be that dismissive of your Press Sec. to dismiss him as “Gibbs” to the press. Wow. There’s so much to read between the lines on what Obama showed us that day, and none of it is good for Obama.  I’ve been saying it to you for a while now.  The guy is cracking up.  Nobody who watches that press conference can believe otherwise.  It wasn’t just bad.  It was HORRIBLE.  How many times has he said that turning the economy around is important? Jobs are critical? Etc????  And so he meets with a former Pres. to talk tax rates that impact every American and leaves the press conference regarding that meeting after a few minutes???????  I actually felt bad for Gibbs, and that is saying something for me.  The damage control for that mess must have been off the charts.  Gibbs is gone soon though.  Taken longer than I had thought.  Jarrett wants him gone.  She has effectively taken over WH at this point.  AND she is behind much of the anti-Rahm movement in Chicago.  Her hands are all over it.  Bitch.

I want to point you on something about Jarrett if you don’t mind.  She was at a recent WH/business leader thing.  She WAS the White House at this meeting. Obama was there but said little after the intros.  Jarrett spoke almost all the policy and the push for organized labor was HUGE by her at this meeting.  The WH needs business to help out if they are to get a 2nd term.  They have to admit that now.  So what is going on is simple bribery.  We are talking billions and billions here to come via the health bill requirements and tax code and other “perks”.  It was a strong arm attempt that appeared almost fully coordinated by Jarrett.  I don’t believe Obama even understands the process here.  He is being told what to say, how to react, etc.  That’s not new, but on this it’s even more so than before.  Jarrett is running the show, with input from First Lady.  Those two have formed quite a formidable team inside WH.  Anyway, what I want to tell you specifically on this meeting was that after it finished up, Jarrett came out to speak with media.  CNBC I believe.  She gives a rundown on meeting as the “President said this. President said that.” Making it appear Obama was up to speed on every question posed to her by CNBC.  IT WAS ALL A LIE.  Obama hardly spoke at that meeting.  As I said, Jarrett did almost all the talking for the WH.  And regarding those specific questions being asked to Jarrett – some of them NEVER CAME UP IN THE MEETING.  She was LYING over and over again during that brief interview.  And she was taking some of her own responses in the meeting and then saying “The president said this”.  Obama didn’t say any of that.  Jarrett basically admitted on camera she is the president.  The two are one and the same.  Jarrett is Obama’s brain.  It’s her WH now full on.  There is nobody left in the West Wing to counter her agenda.  And her agenda is almost 100% labor unions.  Not the kind of support I’m familiar with and have worked with. Something else. Something far bigger.  Watch that.  There is something going on there.  Unions are blasting Rahm in Chicago.  Those strings lead right back to Jarrett.

Sorry for the rant on that one.  Not one of your questions but that meeting and the Jarrett interview was overlooked by most. Wanted to bring it to your attention.  I’ll leave you with a few more quick things to watch for.

Holder is very nervous. Something up at DOJ. The place is a mess.  Normally he would have been long gone but Jarrett supports him. Only as long as Holder can keep a lid on the stink of what is at the DOJ though IMO.  If some of that breaks open Holder is gone and could even face full on hearings against HIM. Those would be deserved IMO.

Told a big move coming at WH.  Not a normal post midterm house cleaning.  Something bigger.  Should break within few weeks.

Issa.  Issa. Issa.  Conservatives can’t trust him.  I have heard a few reports he has become too cozy with WH.  Suspect deal might have been made.  OR, he could be playing WH.  Uncertain, but word is he might prove all bark and no bite.  If Issa does not use his full authority to go after DOJ/WH then 2012 looking much better for Obama.

The tax rate debate.  Smoke and mirrors on this one.  The estate tax is being manufactured as an issue for 2012. Confirmed this yesterday w/strategist.  Don’t think it’s a wise plan but that is what the “Pelosi Dems” are going to run on in ‘12 apparently. 

LOL. No I will not watch the Sarah Palin Alaska show.  I don’t care how good you say it is.  If Repubs make her the nominee they deserve another 4 yrs of Obama.

Enjoy the holidays.  I will not be available until some time after first of year.  Will let you know.