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In an attempt to deal with increasing concerns over a possible Hillary Clinton run for President in 2012, the Obama White House has quietly made overtures to Clinton to replace Joe Biden as Obama’s Vice President.

Author’s Note:  The information coming from within the Washington D.C. power structure has increased in scope considerably since the most recent staff departures from the Obama White House.  Our own D.C. Insider is now ready to reveal, among other things, ongoing negotiations between Obama operatives and the Clintons.  Read on for further details:


So let’s get right to it then – you are now indicating to us that the Obama White House would like Hillary Clinton to replace Joe Biden as Vice President.  Is that correct?  Absolutely correct.  There has been speculation of just such a deal for some time now.  The speculation has proved to be accurate.  The Obama White House is very concerned with the possibility of Hillary Clinton seeking the nomination in 2012.  Very-very concerned, and for good reason.  Democratic Party supporters – I’m talking some very deep pockets and very considerable influence, have been engaging in some speculative chatter of that nature for a while.  When that happens, its a warning shot at the White House that says to them you better get things back on track or we are going to try and replace you.  And Hillary Clinton has done nothing to diminish that chatter.  The opposite in fact.  She is considering the possibility herself.

You mean the possibility of running against Obama in 2012?  Yes.  She is now more open to that possibility than ever, and is making little attempt to hide that fact from the Obama folks.  It’s D.C. politics being played at the very highest levels.

Ok, so the Obama White House doesn’t want that to happen.  They don’t want a Hillary run in 2012 to tear the party apart.  That makes perfect sense.  But you think they would actually be willing to put Hillary in the VP spot for 2012?  And do you think Hillary would actually accept?  Why?  To your first question – yes.  They are willing to offer Hillary the VP spot out of simple political survival.  Not only could such an offer be made but at this point it is far more likely than not.  To your second question – would Hillary accept.  That is far less clear at this point.  I can guarantee with near certainty to you right now that what the Clintons are doing is weighing the possible outcomes.  Hillary Clinton is going to do one or the the other.  There is your headline right there. Hillary Clinton is either going to run against Barack Obama in 2012 or run with Barack Obama in 2012.  Those are the only two options she is considering at this point, and the Obama White House is -expletive- itself over the possibility she chooses to run against him.  And let me just add this last point.  The Obama White House doesn’t give a rats ass about “tearing the party apart” as you put it.  They only care about securing Obama as president.  Too many have invested too much in having him in there to further an agenda that has been planned for too long.  Hillary would be far less easy to manipulate and control than Obama.  With Obama it’s not so much about politics as it is about ideology.  It is a battle that is being waged right now within the Democratic Party.  And a brutal battle is has been.  It’s going to get worse too.  Much worse.

Hold on there.  Did I understand you correctly in saying that Obama would be easier to control than Hillary?  Are you indicating then that Obama is not the one calling the shots?  (Points finger at me) Now what do you think?  Do you really need me to answer that for you?  Look, Obama is no different than any other president.  A president is surrounded by a multitude of personalities, agendas, input, information.  At its best it’s controlled chaos.  At its worst, it’s just chaos.

So you are saying that the Obama White House is chaos at this point?  Yeah, I’ve said that to you many times before, right?  Total chaos.  Look at the staff departures.  All White House administrations see eventual staff leave.  That is normal.  But not this many so soon.  That is not normal – and it’s a clear indicator of a White House gone terribly wrong as far as the day-to-day operational structure is concerned.  Why do you think Obama is on the road so much?  He cannot stand being at the White House.  He doesn’t understand his role there.  He has come to realize the task of being president is beyond his abilities – and the environment surrounding him too chaotic to effectively assist in doing so.  And so the president goes back into campaign mode because that is the one thing he does far better than any other politician today.  He campaigns.

In prior interviews you also said Obama is lazy.  You still stand by that?  Oh, absolutely.  Regarding doing the job of President of the United States, Barack Obama is shockingly lazy.  He defers to others – in the recent past it was the Congressional leadership working in conjunction with his advisers.  Obama showed little interest in the process, the product, he just wanted the outcome to provide him the photo op and opportunity to give another speech.  That pretty much sums up the Obamapresidency to this point.  Look what he is doing now – going back to campaigning because it is all he know how to do at this point.  It is the only thing that gives him any real satisfaction – the applause and approval of the crowds.

So having said that, would you prefer to see Hillary Clinton run against Obama in 2012? No – though I am seriously considering pushing for that option.  But not quite yet.  I remain hopeful we can salvage the Obama administration.

Why not?  Because it would damage the party terribly, and in the end, may allow the Republicans to take the White House in 2012.  I don’t want to see that happen. 

But aren’t you hurting the party by giving these interviews?  I have to imagine the White House isn’t too thrilled to see you leaking this information – especially when that information has been proven accurate over and over again.  (smiles) I know for a fact they are upset.  My words – your interviews, have been mentioned by White House operatives on a number of occasions.  But that is the point right? That is why I am doing this.  I’m playing a role here, namely the role of letting the White House know the -expletive- is about to hit the fan in a big way.  They better get it together or things are going to get much worse for them and ultimately then, worse for the Democratic Party and I don’t wish to see that happen.  I have spent most of my adult life working to help the party, and over the last couple of years this Obama White House has put all of that at risk.  And there are a lot of good Democrats whose careers have been put at risk because of it.

Ok, so you want to see Hillary run as Obama’s Vice President?  No, I want to see Hillary Clinton run as America’s Vice President.  I do believe such a scenario would really strengthen the party, that Hillary would provide much needed experience at the White House even beyond her current role as Secretary of State.  The kind of experience that is really lacking these days, especially with Rahm leaving.

Can you tell us – was it his own choice for Rahm Emmanuel to leave?  I am not entirely sure.  I am not as close to Rahm as others who were or still remain at the White House.  I do know for certain that there was a growing rift between the former White House Chief of Staff and some others close to the president.  An ideological rift. Rahm is a politician.  He knows when compromise is needed.  He’s tough, but in my experience, for the most part fair.  And his word is good in this town.  If he says something will be done, you can count on that.  I cannot say the same for others at the White House.

Care to let us know who those others are?  (sits back in seat, crossing arms)  Well, let’s just say there are some people very close to the president – long time friends if you will, who are as personally corrupt as anyone who has ever had access to a President of the United States.  Direct access mind you.

Those are very strong words – are you referring to Valarie Jarret?  No comment.

How well do you know Valarie Jarret?  No comment.

Do you feel Valarie Jarret, in her current role at the White House, has been a positive influence on President Obama?  No comment…  I tell you what though – why don’t you ask someone from Nancy Pelosi’s office what they think of Valarie Jarret?  Or ask operatives at the Democratic National Committee who are appalled to see the organization totally strong armed into a full on White House takeover.  Did you see the new logo?  What the hell was that?  You want the perfect example of just how stupid and self-involved this White House has become?  Look no further than that pathetic new Democratic Party logo.

We hear Robert Gibbs might be the new DNC Chairperson.  What about …(interrupts) NO.  That is not going to happen.  No way in hell.  Gibbs heading the DNC?  He can to to hell.  No way we will let that happen. 

So you don’t like White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs?  Yeah, I love the guy. (dripping sarcasm)  He’s a very believable guy, right?  A real class act.  No way the White House could have chosen a better guy for the job…I know Robert Gibbs.  I worked with Robert Gibbs during the 2008 campaign.  Spoke with him personally from time to time.  Something has happened to Gibbs. I don’t know what exactly, but the man has completely lost his moral compass.  Or, he never had one and he just fooled some of us.  And here’s a bit of news for you, something I’m pretty sure will put you ahead of the mainstream media yet again – Robert Gibbs is soon to be gone from his current position at the White House.  Very soon.

Robert Gibbs is resigning?  Resigning, quitting, being replaced – whatever the spin is put on it the result is the same, Robert Gibbs is OUT as the White House Press Secretary.  I have confirmed that myself.  And good riddance.  To put him as the daily face of the White House was terribly misguided.  Absolutely the wrong choice as Press Secretary.

Do you know who made the decision?  As a matter of fact I do…

Who was it?  (Again leans back and crosses arms)  Not sure I should go there – could be giving up too much information regarding my own identity.  I’ll tell you this – Rahm was not on board with putting Gibbs in that position.  As time went on, Rahm became increasingly convinced he had been right all along.  If the White House tries to push Robert Gibbs into heading the DNC…it’s going to be all out war.  They cannot be that stupid.  Then again, maybe they are.

Getting back to Hillary Clinton – what do you think the odds are that Hillary Clinton would accept the offer to become Vice President?  Right now, I would put it at 50/50.  As I told you in an earlier interview, the Clintons are now preparing to run against Obama in 2012.  The offer by the Obama people to make Hillary the Vice President has her attention though.  I’ve been told she is still trying to gauge what kind of support she would get from within the Democratic Party power structure, the donors and the various state to state support systems and the like.  She certainly won’t make any decision until after November.  If the results are as bad as some are indicating it will be for the Democrats, Hillary’s decision will likely be to go ahead and run against President Obama in 2012.  If the results are less than the disaster currently being predicted, she will give further consideration for taking the Vice President position so long as she is given assurances of playing a significant role in forging policy for the country.

With all due respect, that is not telling me much that I could not guess myself.  I believe you still have much closer ties to the Clintons than you are letting on. I understand you for wanting to not emphasize that if it’s true, but can’t you give me something a little more substantial than a 50/50 prediction on whether or not Hillary Clinton will be the next Vice President?  I think I have spoiled you too much already.  I gave you the Summers’ resignation before anyone had it.  I hinted at Axelrod’s departure as well.  I told you the party infighting against Pelosi was very real – and then the media reported on it in very similar terms as how I described it to you.  Our first interview was about President Obama becoming detached, an aloof president with a divided White House.  That portrayal was then later affirmed by the Woodward book.  Almost every detail I have shared with you has been proven accurate soon after.  The risk to me is still considerable, so I do not appreciate you pushing for more detail than what is already given you.  Just watch for the Gibbs announcement, and likely more news coming from Pelosi.  And I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a speculative report or two in the mainstream media regarding a Hillary run for president in 2012.  The rumors have been circulating far more strongly on that recently, and sooner rather than later a reporter is going to go ahead and run with it.


Coming Soon – Serious White House Scandal