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A brief emailed message from our White House Insider once again reinforces the significant rift between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president – and a looming cloud of scandal now threatening the Obama White House.

Author’s Note:  Despite what is clearly a very work-intensive schedule, we are pleased to have received an email update from our White House Insider source – and equally pleased to be able to share that email with our readers.  Tentative plans are being made for another in depth interview following the November elections.


The Wednesday meeting by Democratic Party leaders once again confirmed.  White House members  involved told to “sit down and shut up.”  War within party totally engaged now.  Updated election internals showing trends breaking against Democrats as predicted.  Now appears we will lose up to 60 seats in House and possibly split Senate.  Mood within party very grim – and very angry toward president.  I have never seen party members so actively motivated to openly challenge  a sitting president in their own party.  Trip to India has Dems shaking heads in disbelief. Phrase “running away” being repeated often.  WH appears oblivious to situation.

Once again, CLOSELY watch for Pelosi news.  Speaker preparing for departure from Congress, but going to burn bridges as she does so – namely all those leading to the White House.  Speculation she will assist in clearing way for Congressional investigations against Obama White House in coming year.  In effect, Pelosi willing to help take Obama down.  Quote from within her office that came back to me as follows, “How that -expletive- idiot ever got elected is beyond me.  Well let’s see how he does without me around to carry his -expletive-  water.”  Pelosi very unhappy receiving directive from WH to not attempt any significant legislation during lame duck session.  “Leave a mess for the Republicans.”  Pelosi furious over directive as it will further diminish her legacy. I don’t think the lady likes being told what to do…

Also confirmed by two other sources Clinton people have been communicating regularly with Pelosi.  Something very big is up w/that.  I believe that something involves  primary challenge against Obama.  I have indicated that  possibility to you before – this appears to once again confirm.  Divide now between “Obama Democrats” and “Clinton Democrats”.  More on this likely to come following Wednesday meeting.  Basic question is now this: Do we try and save Obama or save the party?  I of course suggest the latter and working to do just that.

One other tidbit but not confirmed.  VP Biden has reached out to Clintons as well.  Uncertain as to what or why if true.  Developing.

No, I will not be attending Wed. meeting.  Bastards did not invite me. -Expletive- you Pat.  Hah! 

Out of town until -date withheld-.  Attempt to meet some time after return.  Will be in contact.


REFERENCE:  The Ulsterman Report:  White House Insider Review

“President Obama is lost.  Absolutely lost.”