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We received a brief email update from our White House Insider, indicating a president returning from abroad "dejected and confused" and "emotionally debilitated" over the cold reception he received from world leaders, and White House staff now scrambling to protect the president from a looming scandal.

Author’s Note:  This email is the most recent communication we received from the White House Insider.  Though brief, it outlines a president clearly suffering from considerable doubt and uncertainty as he prepares for the third year of his presidency, and a Democratic Party that continues to wage war among its own.


Hello again.  Assume you noted all of the incoming by Democrats against Pres?  Of particular note is that of Doug S.  Doug has been acting as Hillary’s gadfly for some time now. Very connected. Very insightful. Very good.  One to be feared.  I like Doug. His and Pat’s open declaration against President is clear signal Hillary camp fully engaged.  Developing.  And gotta love Pat.  He’s back in it now!  I strongly suspect they know of Obama’s coming scandal(s).  Foundation being set in place for all out offensive going into 2012. The DC diaper is full up and in need of a change… 

As for particulars on Obama, much info received this past week.  All pointing to Obama as very upset/angry at treatment by world leaders and media RE trip.  Behind scenes mood “dejected and confused”.  Later noted as “emotionally debilitated”.  Reported outburst between President and First Lady.  What makes this account unique is that “…President stood his ground.”  WH staff involved in serious protective plan for President regarding incoming scandal.  Very fearful of Issa.  Told WH reps have already visited Issa office several times since election.  Promises made?  Issa is bright and loves attention. Could prove formidable vs White House.  Staff sent to Chicago this past week and DA is heading there on more permanent basis in coming weeks. Why?  Why indeed.  PAY ATTENTION.

Lastly RE question on “missile” off CA.  I have no -expletive- clue what that was.  Go ahead and file that question with your birther question from last time.  Any more of these and you’ll be waiting another month or two or ten before we have next sit down.

Talk soon.  Maybe. 

Maybe not.