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Our most recent D.C. Insider update warns of a political deal having been struck between Republican Congressman Darrell Issa and the Obama White House that will help secure Obama’s re-election as president in 2012.

Ulsterman Notes:  This update consists of questions emailed to our D.C. Insider and their emailed responses back, with some follow-up questions allowed as well.  We wish to express our gratitude at Insider’s willingness to take the time to respond, and also wish to apologize for recent actions on my part that they felt compromised the integrity of their reputation and participation in these (thankfully) still ongoing communications.


Question:  I was told President Obama held a high level 2012 campaign strategy meeting very recently.  Can you confirm, and if so, any information regarding the discussions?

Insider:  What you heard is correct.  President Obama did hold such a meeting.  As to specific information on this particular meeting I don’t have anything for you.  I have been told that President Obama is “supremely confident” in his chances for a second term.  He has nothing but contempt and disdain for the Republican Party. His frame of mind is that there is no way they defeat him in 2012.  No way.

Follow Up:  Why is the president so confident about 2012?

Insider:  I would chalk it up to his being told the big money people are back on board.  They have been threatening him for months about not giving him the kind of support he had in 2008.  I’ve been telling you about that.  Now they are falling back in line and that has got to be playing a part in Obama’s belief he can’t lose.  And frankly, he’s probably right.  Things are just not breaking our way at the moment.  Those of us who are trying to get this guy out of the White House, well, it’s just not happening for us.

Question:  In the past, more than once, you have suggested the president is depressed, or suffers mood swings beyond what most would consider “normal”.  Is that still the case? 

Insider:  Yes.

Follow Up:  Could you elaborate?

Insider:  No.

Question:  I assume you read the report I sent you detailing how the DOJ New Black Panther investigation has been effectively squashed by the Obama administration.  Any thoughts?

Insider:  ” Things are just not breaking our way at the moment.  Those of us who are trying to get this guy out of the White House, well, it’s just not happening for us.”  That pretty much sums it up right?  I knew there was a possibility of that happening.  I didn’t think the White House would be so open about it.  They have basically shut down a legit investigation.  The DOJ scares the -expletive- out of me these days.  It really does. The Civil Rights report that came out was there. Even the media gave it some life.  And then it went away and now the whole thing is dead. Gone. Done.  It’s disappointing and more than a little -expletive- scary to see something like that happen.  And let me say something else on this.  Your Republicans are a bunch of spineless pukes.  If you are holding out hope that they are going to push this White House into revealing itself, you better wake up.  It’s not going to happen.  At least it sure as hell doesn’t appear so right now.  They are a bunch of -expletive- jokes.  As for Issa.  Well, let’s just say he is not to be trusted.  I got that message loud and clear now.  -Expletive- sell out is what he is.

Follow Up:  Why does the DOJ scare you so much? And what happened with Issa? 

Insider:  No comment.

Follow Up:  You warned in previous updates that Issa appeared to be making some kind of deal with the Obama administration.  Are you now saying that has in fact happened?

Insider:  No comment.

Follow Up:  Not good enough.  You need to clarify that statement. Please.

Insider:  I don’t need to clarify anything to you.  Maybe instead of posting nonsense about allegations from 15 years ago you should have been keeping an eye on what was going on around the Issa office.

Follow Up:  What was going on around the Issa office?

Insider:  No, question is what was not going on around the Issa office.  I’m not going to spell every -expletive- thing out for you. 

Question:  So are you giving up?  Obama is president again in 2012?  Is that how all of this plays out?

Insider:  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I don’t know at this point.  The DOJ thing was not good news for us.  Like I said, we expected that could happen.  Didn’t think the White House would be so open about it.  That shows a lot of confidence on their part and that has us concerned.  But that’s not the biggest concern regarding that.  It’s the absolute lack of any response by the Republicans.  Nothing. Zip. Zero.  An entire investigation is just shut down and they say nothing about it?  Promises were made and they are not being kept.  To say some of us are now feeling vulnerable is a huge -expletive- understatement.

Follow Up:  What promises? Who?  What?  Why?

Insider:  No comment.

Question:  With all due respect, you sound defeated.  Obama wins and you lose.  That is how this sounds.

Insider:  If Obama wins, I don’t lose.  It’s way bigger than that.  Don’t send me such an idiotic statement.  America loses.  Every one of us.  The idiots who still support this president.  They are losing.  The ones who say they don’t support him but aren’t really paying attention.  They are losing.  And yeah, the ones who are fighting and risking a whole hell of a lot to keep this guy from another four years, we are losing.  WE ARE ALL LOSING.  You know the deal.  I could step away from all of this.  I can live out whatever years I got left comfortably. Finish up this campaign and call it a day.  But can this country survive another four years of this administration?  That is what motivates me.  Call it bullsh– if you want.  I don’t care.  That’s what is motivating me.  That’s why I’m talking to you and to others.  And it’s not just me.  It’s we.  We are doing this.  We are trying to help save us from this mess.  But it just isn’t going our way because people like Issa don’t keep their -expletive- word.

Follow Up: Again, you sound defeated.  Are you saying Congressman Issa is not going to investigate the White House as promised? 

Insider:  Yes.  Either his office has successfully shut off all leaks indicating otherwise, which as much as I would like to believe, I don’t, or a deal was made between the White House and his office.  And that means that the Republican leadership signed off on it as well.  Why they would do that I just don’t know.  It’s like the Pelosi deal right after the midterms.  That woman was gone and then suddenly she was back in.  Somebody talked to somebody and she was once again safe and keeping her mouth shut.  Whatever promises she made were null and void.  For that kind of stuff to go down without people like me being able to know about it?????  -Expletive-.  That is not supposed to happen.

Question:  What should we look for in the coming days and weeks?

Insider:  Keep watching Issa.  Maybe he’s got us fooled.  I sure hope so.  There is a current transition process quietly underway for the Geithner departure.  Actually a bit of infighting over that.  Jarrett wants him out, Daley is a supporter.  That bit of info is something entirely new. Was not aware of that.  Will be interesting to watch how it plays out between Jarrett and Daley.  The war between those two may be an opening for us. As you already know, I have great respect for Bill Daley.  Also look for a party scandal to emerge.  This is being used to deflect from the White House, so don’t get too excited when it breaks out.  Even though it involves Democrats, it is being manufactured to deflect from the White House.  That would indicate a member of the party is being sacrificed to protect Obama and/or someone in the administration.  Pretty common.  Have been involved in those scenarios personally.

Follow Up:  Pigford?

Insider:  Possible.  What a mess that thing is.  But it would be a perfect tool to distract/protect the White House.  There is something bigger than that out there though.  Something directly involving the White House that is being protected.  I am not certain of what, but have suspicions.  It’s got people spooked because they have shut up about it.  Very little information getting out, which in this business, means it’s something very serious.

Follow Up:  Birther related?

Insider:  No comment.

Question:  So Pigford is not the big scandal?

Insider:  Not likely.  A distraction.  A cover. A deception.  Possibly the very deal that was made between Issa and the administration.

Follow Up:  How would the Pigford scandal be a deal between the White House and Issa?

Insider:  Issa backs off any “real” investigations against WH.  Is given a lower level Democrat to prove “guilty”, maybe a USDA official or member of Congress that is already on their way out regardless.  Issa may wish to run for president in 2016.  He is given the PR of a successful investigation and seen as being tough on fraud and waste in government.  He may also be promised money and support in 2016.  So the Democratic Party takes a minor hit, but ultimately Obama is protected from any real damage.  Issa stops any and all investigations that might lead directly to the White House in order to better secure his chances for running for president in 2016.

Follow Up:  Do you really believe that is what has happened?  Is that why there has been so little response by Republicans regarding the DOJ NBP investigation being shut down?  That Congressman Issa has made a deal with the Obama White House?  That he is now actively protecting the administration?

Insider:  YES.  Issa can go after the Democratic Party, but not Obama.  Barack Obama is more than willing to sacrifice his own party for his own benefit.  That has already been proven again and again.  Yes, I do believe Congressman Issa is playing a part in that.  I warned you many times not to trust Issa.  It seems my warnings are proving correct, and that is not good news for anyone who doesn’t want to see Barack Obama re-elected in 2012.