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The White House Insider gives us an explanation as to what strong hint former President Bill Clinton gave on national television recently regarding the Clintons’ desire to take back the White House from Obama.

Author’s Note:  Our last article left off with considerable speculation as to what the White House Insider was referencing when indicating Bill Clinton had “tipped his hat” regarding what the Insider feels to be the Clintons’ desire to return to the White House.  We have finally received an emailed response from the Insider, which as promised, we are publishing now.


RE Bill Clinton’s comments over last weekend – he did in fact give notice re intending return to White House.  Much chatter taking place over last few weeks regarding this by some with funding and political influence to see it through inc. those with direct ties to CAP.  This talk legit.  Look for upcoming big media story on it soon.  Clinton 2012 campaign is quietly starting.  Uncertain yet how far it will go. W/H scrambling to stamp out before more momentum going from within party. Confirmed.

Did you not see B Clinton on GMA over weekend? Here is exact quote from BC: “[Tell them] ‘Give us two more years.  Don’t go back to the policies that dug the hole…If we don’t do better, you can vote against us all, and I’ll be on the ballot, too. Vote against us all if it’s not better,’” 

BC never says anything w/o thinking it through. That statement is easy to decipher for anyone who knows how he thinks, plans, and works – many of us made note of comment.  Why would Clinton be on the ballot in 2012?  What did he mean by that?  Simple – a Clinton intends to be on the ballot in 2012.  BC was letting others know they are considering what has already been speculated, and sending signal to WH as well.  Where do you think the staff leaving the WH are going to first after departure?  Meeting with BC to update him on WH.  WH divided between Obama people and Clinton people now.  West Wing 24/7 agitation. Larry will talk to media soon. Confirmed.  More word out in coming weeks.  Situation getting inc. tenuous for administration.  And cont. to look for more Pelosi news.  Her standing in party reaching critical juncture. Showdown underway. WH fully involved. Confirmed.

Last thing. Not sure you heard already, but chatter surrounding palin/romney negotiation???  Any info on your end would be appreciated.  You owe meMore to come.  Good luck.


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