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This is the third and final installment of our Insider Series…


Hello again. Hello – let me start right off by saying that your last two stories have created quite a stir.  My inbox is off the charts.  Congratulations.

 Thank you – but let’s get right to it then.  Yes, the initial two stories have indeed stirred the political pot, which leads me to ask a very basic question of you – why?  Excuse me?

 Why give your account of what you were seeing or hearing going on at the White House or in the Democrat Party?  What is your motivation?  Are you angry at the administration?  This is perhaps the most common response to any story like this – why do it?  Ok, fair enough. And let me be equally blunt with you then – my motivation is simple.  I am doing it for me, for my party, and for my country.  In my own small way – maybe it’s insignificant, maybe not,  I want to see Democrats move ahead of this mess that we are in right now.  It is a mess of our own making, so we need to be the ones to clean it up.  If we don’t, this country is going to continue hurting, and too many people out there are really hurting these days.

 Ok…but how does giving me some apparent insider information going to help the country, or help your political party?  Simple – it lets others know it’s time to start talking. It’s time to get the word out.  It’s time to challenge the inept status quo that is currently running things.  People are scared – hell, I’m a bit scared myself.  But enough is enough – this political train has got to get back on its tracks.  And I’ll tell you this, my talking to you, and your little blog stories, is already helping.  More people are ready to talk. It’s already happening.  And more is coming.  The media won’t be able to ignore it anymore.  This administration, the leadership in Congress, they need to account for how they have totally mishandled the responsibilities given to them.  That accounting is coming soon enough in November – we are going to get what we deserve.  But I am still hopeful  it is not too late to save 2012.

 How do you intend to save 2012?  I assume you mean the presidential elections?  Well, that is the top spot of course, yes.  But not just the White House.  There is Congress, we need to put in place like-minded governors, all of that.  Right now the term Democrat is toxic to mainstream America.  It’s as bad as I have ever seen it.  We are literally killing our political futures out of some need to keep supporting an administration that has in no way, shape, or form shown itself to be worthy of that support.

 Those are strong words – but what exactly to do you mean by that?  What do I mean!? (Voice rising) What I mean is exactly this – we got Congressmen and Senators running for re-election right now whose political careers are about to be ended because they supported a president and a Democratic Party leadership that told them to do so.  They trusted they would be politically protected, that the American people would agree with the agenda.  Well guess what?  That hasn’t happened.  Good people, good Democrats, are being tossed aside like so much trash – and this White House DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN.  In my eyes that is absolutely unforgivable.  You just don’t do that to your own people.  And some of these politicians are talking.  They are – but for the most part the media is ignoring them because they don’t want to hurt the administration.  To that I say enough!  Do your damn job.  Report what is going on within the Democratic Party.  We need to clean up this mess, and it starts by getting the truth out there.  That is my motivation.

 You clearly feel strongly about this.  You’re damn right I do.  And so should everyone else that’s got skin in the game. And we all got skin in this game.

 So how exactly has President Obama failed to help members of his own party?  (Leans forward – clearly agitated.) Loyalty – loyalty – loyalty.  This White House doesn’t give a damn for the concept of loyalty, dedication, sincerity.  This White House is the most self-centered, arrogant, and ignorant…they just don’t care to know what they are doing.  And when they do it – consequences mean nothing to them.  NOTHING.  And that is not to say it’s all bad at the White House.  There are some very bright people working there.  But you know what, those people have been marginalized, pushed aside, and are now leaving.  You watch – the exodus from this White House will prove to be of historical proportions.

 With all due respect, you sound like a disgruntled employee.  No, not even close. I wasn’t on the books.  I’m a contract player – I worked the ground game, I have been at the White House during this and other administrations, done meetings both formal and informal, and talked regularly to White Housers over the last two years who enjoy top level access.  That is a big thing – access.  I could get at it, but let me tell you, the feedback I got, and the things I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, it was a terrible letdown.  This is not 2008 anymore, not by a long shot.  For most of the last year, you want to know what question keeps playing in my head?

 What question was that?  WHAT THE HELL HAVE WE DONE?  Now that may come off terribly disrespectful to the president, but so be it.  What have we done?  We were led to believe this man was one thing, but everything I have seen, heard, and understand, points to the indisputable fact he is not what we hoped for. Not what we were promised. Maybe he might have been. Maybe a full term or two in the Senate and he would have had the experience and maturity to handle the job of President of the United States.  But right now – the man is simply not up to the task, and yet it is loyal Democrats who are paying the price for his incompetence and incoherence.  The health care bill?  Do you know I was told he has never read the bill?  Not one part of it?  NOT ONE.  Sounds like something you would hear on one of the talk radio shows, right?  And I wouldn’t normally consider such a possibility, but this came directly from one of those good Democrats who might now see their political careers ended because they supported that bill and now its being used against them like some political sledgehammer.  How is that supposed to make someone who put their career on the line feel?  Betrayed.  A whole lot of us are feeling betrayed these days and it just pisses me off.

 What were you told to lead you to believe the president has not read any part of the healthcare bill?  I was talking to a current member of Congress who was assured – strongly assured, prior to their vote that the bill would, long before the November elections, be a positive for them.  They could run on it was what they were told.  Well, as we all know now,  that didn’t work out, and so they attempted to get a meeting with someone higher up on the political food chain to find out what the administration was going to do to help the situation.  They were ignored.  They kept at it and eventually was given a meeting.  You want to know the gist of that meeting?

 Yes.  The gist of it was this – they were told to drop it.  They were told to, exact words here – “worry about your own campaign and don’t expect the White House to hold your hand over this.”  Well, they were upset right?  Just hearing about it made me absolutely furious.  This is a person’s career, their life here.  Now that answer wasn’t good enough so they pushed it a bit further – suggested the president could do some town meetings and answer questions about the bill, alleviate all the concerns and fight back against the conservative chatter that was being put out there.  Guess what they were told regarding that?  They were asked one question – did they read the bill?  This Congressperson admitted they hadn’t.  Like a lot of them, they had voted for it, but hadn’t read it.  That was a mistake, sure, but the thing is over 2000 pages, right? Well, after admitting they didn’t read the bill they are told in a laughing way mind you, “That’s ok – neither has the president, so you can’t expect him to take on a bunch of town meetings on it, right?”  So that was it.  Nice, huh?  Bye-bye, thanks for playing, and good luck with the -explitive- storm coming your way this summer.

 Well, that doesn’t actually prove the president didn’t read the bill.  Yeah…ok.  But I followed up with this story with someone in the White House.  Guess what? The president was briefed on the bill – he never read it - it was a damn running joke among all of them!  But leading up to the vote, back when the battle was raging in Congress, President Obama was throwing fits over the delays, telling his aides something to the effect, “I don’t care what it is I just want something on my desk to sign.  Get me a –expletive- bill.  Just get me something to –expletive- sign.”  And that is just what those Democrats in Congress did – they got the president a bill.  And now they are paying a very high political price, and this president appears to care less.  He is basically telling members of his own party “You got me my bill and thank you very much. Now go to hell.”

 Was everyone on his staff on board with the president pushing so hard for healthcare?  Absolutely not.  There were some who voiced concerns.  Some who pushed for a more clear economic agenda.  Apparently Obama wanted none of it – he was obsessed, absolutely obsessed with getting some kind of healthcare legislation.  And the ones who did voice concerns…they are, or will be, among the first to go.  And it’s coming sooner rather than later.

 So you want to repair the damage to the Democrat Party. You want to give a voice to the Democrats who are now paying the price for the administration’s faults, and you are hoping that this damage can be repaired before the 2012 election cycle.  That sum it up pretty well?  Sure – close enough at any rate. 

 And tell us again how you think all of that can be achieved?  Democrats need to rise up within the party and say enough is enough. We have allowed ourselves to be carried far too far to the left of the mainstream. You know what word I cannot stand? Progressive. Enough with this “progressive” crap.  Shut up about it.  We are Democrats. Anyone who wants to call themselves a Progressive I say show them the door – they are doing nothing but killing the Democratic Party. And regardless of whether or not we survive the November midterms with a majority, Nancy Pelosi must step down or be removed as Speaker.  That is an absolute must – I cannot emphasize that point enough.  She is political poison on the national level.  Second, President Obama must fully engage himself with the requirements of the job.  He must surround himself with people who understand the tone and temperament of the country because he clearly does not.  And if he can’t or won’t do this, he needs to not run for reelection in 2012.

 So what happens if he does intend to run again, but makes none of the improvements you hope to see in him?  (Prolonged silence.  Looks down – then responds quietly.)  I really hope that is not the situation we get to. I really hope President Obama, who I think still has the potential to improve, realizes and respects the great opportunity he now has.  I don’t believe he respects any of it right now, which is a terrible shame.  Such a terrible shame…but, if he does not fully engage in the job of president.  If he does not even begin to live up to his own potential…Democrats  must take measures to provide an alternative in 2012. The country simply cannot afford another second Obama term like these first two years.  It is simply too difficult a time for America to have the Democratic Party act so irresponsibly. 

 Any ideas as to an acceptable alternative?  Hillary Clinton perhaps?  (Smiles)  The Clinton angle was not missed in your last two articles, was it?  I make no attempt to hide my admiration for President Clinton.  Unfortunately, Bill Clinton cannot run for another term as this country’s president.  As for Hillary, I do not know her as well, but I do admire her – a lot, and now regret not having been a part of her own run for president.  My ties to the2008 Obama campaign feel more and more these days  like a dishonorable victory.

 But would you like to see her run in 2012 if President Obama, as you put it, fails to improve?  Yes.  I would support Hillary Clinton over Obama in 2012 if the need was still there to help ensure President Obama was given only one term.  But Hillary Clinton is not the only possibility for the Democrats.  We are a party with many fine leaders – many, many potential candidates for president who I would gladly support.

 Such a race could tear the Democrat Party apart.  You know that, right?  The party is already tearing apart thanks to the Obama White House and figures such as Nancy Pelosi.  If we lose 2012 so be it.  Let it be the beginning the party’s rebuilding.  Just like the Republicans came back in 2010, we will be back also, and much stronger than we would be with a second Obama term that is as weak and confused as this first term has been so far.  

 Any final comment?  Keep your ear to the ground.  All kinds of news is going to be coming surrounding the Obama White House and the Democrat leadership.  Watch for Pelosi in particular.  That will be the key when you know the door is getting kicked open and the truth of just how chaotic things have become gets out into the open.  I will say it again – Pelosi is the key.  It is going to be ugly for Democrats, but people need to keep the faith.  The party will emerge from this – and hopefully in time for 2012. 



Coming Soon – Serious White House Scandal