Middle East

UFO Appeared Over Jerusalem

Ufologists from around the world can not get enough of watching the latest unidentified object, which they recorded independently at least three people in Jerusalem, Israel. Shots are very good this time.

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The Government

The government is a confusing setup and this article shoulld help you understand it more. In this article I explain what is a political party giving examples, how a party comes into government, how the senate and house of representatives run and the three levels of government.

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US Politics

With Liberty and Bailout Funding for All

Over the past couple of months we have seen a rash of federal programs begin to take shape, for the preservation of huge corporations in desperate need of financial stability.
We’ve got the mortgage crisis, as well as the “Big Thee” auto makers of the U.S. “Chrysler, Ford, and GMC”, who romanced the government by flying their corporate jets to DC at the price tag of $20,000 per jet for fuel costs alone. And now Matt Hartwig, a spokesman for the RFA. (Renewable Fuels Association) has stated that his Association has been speaking with President Elect Barrack Obamas team and other members of the staff at “Capitol Hill”, and that they are providing “Them” with some ideas on “how to craft the language of an economic recovery package”.

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Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam, China. Located on the Yangzee river.

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