Ulster Nazi Man Insider | Two Lies About Obama Which Refuse to Go Away

Newsflavor is dominated by Ulsterman again. The writer is prolific and has a huge number of followers but that does not fully explain why Newsflavor looks like it is the preserve of Ulsterman’s anti-Obama right wing views and disinformation. The fact is that Ulsterman or his followers play dirty to make sure his competitors with moderate or left of center views don’t get a look in.

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The Sarah Palin Insider | Todd Palin is Flat Out Lying

In an interview Todd Palin gave to Foxy News he said that Sarah Palin was a wondeful wife and mother. He also said that "she is calm" at home and that her "sweet, soothing voice sends babies to sleep" and even quietens mice. However, the latest tape from the Sarah Palin Insider proves that Mr Todd Palin is flat out lying! Read the transcript yourself and make up your own mind unless you are a Sarah Palin Tea Bag in which case you will know straight away that this is a comedy piece either that or someone is allowing Socialist Marxists to have a say.

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