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It is a article about the advantage of reading newspaper.

The newspaper is a useful way of expression of the news about the events happening around the world. Newspapers are considered as a necessity of modern life. There are many advantages of reading the newspapers. The newspapers give us information about the current affairs. Without reading newspaper, one cannot know the news even of his town or village. Newspaper helps to increase our knowledge. Newspapers supply news from every corner of the world.
Newspapers supply us different types of information. People can know the decisions that are taken by the court by reading the online newspapers.  Businesspersons also can know about the market condition by reading online newspapers. People buy different things after knowing about the products through reading the daily newspapers. Newspaper is a blessing for unemployed persons. Newspapers contain job news, which helps the unemployed persons to find job.
Newspaper is such a medium through which people give their opinion. A good relation between public and government is possible through reading online newspapers. People become conscious of their rights and demand by reading newspaper. Newspaper also helps to spread the education sectors of a country. By reading newspaper online, a person becomes intelligent. At last, newspaper is an important part of our daily life.