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She is breast-feeding the little goats along side her one year old baby boy and the goats are apparently doing very well,

In the Northern Ugandan district of Otuke, a woman has decided to do something extremely stunning by breast-feeding two young goats along side her one year old baby. She is reported to have spent the family fortunes on some hybrid goat with the hope of getting some extra income from its milk. Unfortunately for her, the hybrid goat died soon after delivering twins, leaving the little kids at the risk of perishing as well.

 It was at the point of loosing her investment on this hybrid goat project that she decided to let her one-year-old baby share her breasts with the two young goats. The baby has been allocated one of the breasts exclusively, but occasionally, the now hyperactive little kids butt off the baby from the breasts as they struggle to suckle. The goats that were frail in the beginning have suddenly gained both weight and stamina as seen by the way they hit the breasts of this woman with they heads to cause milk let-down.

 The husband of the woman has no problem seeing his son share breasts with the little beasts.  It was even noted that the woman appears more emotionally endeared to the little goats than she is to her young son who from time is seen abandoned as his mother moves over to give extra attention to the kids. There are however, concerns from the community around that this woman could infect her child with some unknown disease since it is rather unusual for a human being to breast feed other animals along side their own breast feeding children.

Ugandan rural women breast- feeding beasts is no longer big news to many Ugandans. Two years ago, a woman in Eastern Uganda was literally forced to feed  puppies  by her husband who was a squirrel hunter. The man was arrested when the wife reported the matter to police. This case of a woman breast feeding young goats is different in that it is the woman bent on feeding the goats willingly with the  covert support from the husband.

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