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What a shameful act in the house of assembly.

It is a very serious national disgrace in the Nigeria national assembly on Tuesday 22nd June 2010. In a nation where there is no sustainable constitution the people live by their own constituted law. It is very shameful act that on that faithful day, the so called honorable members representing different state constituencies erupted into fighting because of constitution amendment. Honorable members are supposed to be originally honorable in all their dispositions, but the reverse is now the case in Nigeria lawmakers.


Honorable members are the key personalities that the youths looks up to, people who many aspire to be in their position tomorrow are in the house fighting each other and tore clothes, to the extent of tearing a married woman clothes, what a shame to the face of Nigeria government. The horrible thing in the cause of this ugly incident is that no drastic measure of discipline will be apply or section as a result of this national insult. Fighting honorable, fights because the amending constitution section is not at their favour, there has none been a record in the history of national assembly in Nigeria where honorable member fight at the expense of the welfare of the masses out there. There is no record where members fight over dilapidated hospitals, schools, less privilege homes, factories and companies. Thousands of fresh graduates coming out of the Universities annually and there is no place for them to work, even at the national youth service corps, most of the coppers have less or nowhere to even serve their nation. No honorable member has fought over it.    


Honorable member in Nigeria is a lucrative avenue of embezzling government and state funds. Members are supposed to be their state representatives but they end up being their states looters of funds.  Often times, the fund that are meant for the development of a state, the so called representative will use all the funds for himself and his family. The state suffers in the areas of constituency rehabilitation of social amenities. No member wants to make a difference, for all are corrupt. The government is setting up agencies for fitting corruption while the root and foundation is from the Nigeria three arms of government. There are several cases where a senator and house member will do away with N500 million or N1 billion and nothing will be done. This is why election in Nigeria is crippled, there is no true democracy, no true patriotic citizen in the government house.


Corruption in its apex, these members loot the economy of the nation and travels abroad to go and develop other nation and left theirs undeveloped. These are members who send all their children abroad for quality education and contribute nothing in building strong educational system in their country. These are members who go abroad for medical treatment and checkup and left their own country medical centers dilapidated. Absolutely none of the government top shut official has the interest of the masses, or the nation at heart. As a result of these instability in the nation’s economy grows in a torrent. There are crimes all over the nation people who manage to finish school have no place to work, so many of them join armed robbery, kidnapping, drug pushing and nuisance to the nation.


A country like Nigeria is blessed with abundant of natural resource. Nigeria is a very rich country where every citizen is entitled to monthly allowance either working or not. Nigeria is wonderfully blessed that it can beat Dubai in double fold in all it beauty and wealth. But the system of the government is so bad and corrupt that they can’t focus on building the nation. Nigeria is too rich that one time local government chairman in a state can never go poor again in his entire life. Corruption in Nigeria government is outrageous and the cry of the masses is when will all these come to an end? Who can deliver them from this land of Egypt?


Innocent Emesiani

Abuja – Nigeria.