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Nigeria is in the news again – this time, nobody has been killed but a couple who wanted to rekindle the flames of their four-year marriage thought doing it in the church was the best idea.

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Nigeria is one place where news keeps flowing. In a very bizarre story doing the rounds, a Nigerian couple was found having sex right in front of their Pentecostal church. The whole story caused phenomenal ire among church goers who considered the actions of these couple a complete defilement of the Church.

The church authorities who could not invoke the wrath of God upon these two love birds instead preferred to take the matter to court. In their defence, the accused pleaded with the judge for leniency saying they had been married for 4 years but that all was not getting on well with their marriage. They then hoped that having sex in front of the Church premise would invite God’s blessings upon their marriage and eventually turn things around for them.

This kind of defence was rather satanic and as it turned out, the presiding Judge found them guilty of desecrating the sanctity of the Holy place of worship and fined them $100 for their crime and subjected them to community service with a specific duty of cleaning up the Church for a period of 4-6 weeks.

We hope the punishment will serve as a deterrent measure against any other members of that community who may want to commit the same offence next time.