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They are mostly affluent women driving expensive Japanese Cars on the streets of Harare and either lure or force their victims into sex at gun point before making off with the contents of used condoms.

A bizarre phenomenon has emerged in Zimbabwe where some group of women have embarked on a project of forcibly collecting sperm from some unlucky young men and street boys at gun point! It was reported recently that three women literally abducted a 24 year old man who lives near Chinoyi University of Technology and coerced him to sleep with two of the abductors in in-turns while one stood guard with a gun in hand.

Narrating his ordeal, the  24 year old man told Police that the women engaged him  sexually but the most striking aspect of their behavior during the forceful sex was that each of them would slip the used condoms into their personal bags. He reported that the women, driving an  expensive Japanese car stopped by and requested him to show them direction to a shopping Mall but when he refused, one of them pulled out a pistol and ordered him into the car at gun point. He was then blind folded and driven off into a location deep in the forest where he was subjected into forced condomised sex with two of them while a third one stood guard. What he noted to be unique about the women was that each time he used a condom, the open end would be securely tied up, put in a personal bag  and taken away into the waiting car.When they had extracted what what they considered enough sperm, they then blind-folded him again and drove him to a location near the entrance of Chinoyi University of Technology where he lives.

In another incident, another 44 year old man was also forcibly raped by these lot of sperm collecting women after they lured him into their car and demanded that he intimates with them. In this particular case, the man’s seminal fluids were also securely tied up in the used condom and kept away. Earlier on, an unlucky 25 year old man was pounced on by four women who forced him into having sex with each of them in turns but during all those sexual encounters, he also noted that his used condoms were being jealously guarded by the women.

Many homeless street boys in the city of Harare have also reported their ordeals to the police, where women come up in nice cars, give them rides around the city of Harare and follow these up with a few tips  before luring them into sex and walking away with the used condoms.

A Professor of Sociology at the University of Zimbabwe in his attempt to scientifically explain these new and bizarre developments among Zimbabwean women said that sperm is generally associated with the growth of new life. In his study of the phenomenon, he explained that these women who were mostly business women, believe so strongly that their sperm extraction project would make their businesses flourish. They were collecting the semen on the directives of the Witch doctors who have convinced them that they would be very wealthy, and indeed, many of the women have made notable financial break throughs since they started their sperm collecting projects.

We hope the Zim police will soon act on these dangerous women and save the country from the sperm collectors.