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Are you comfortable with your kids below 18 carrying Mobile phones to school? In Sri Lanka, a 14-year old girl is dead because of a Mobile phone!

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In a country like Sri Lanka where over 20 years of civil war has caused many thousands of death, more death over a mobile phone use is the last thing anybody would want to hear about

       A 14-year-old girl yesterday took her life when she was reprimanded by her school teacher for receiving her mobile phone call in class. She did not apparently want to be stopped from talking on her mobile phone in class and hence, took
the reprimand very personally. She was later found to have killed herself in a clear case of suicide.

       Not long before, in a similar case, another teenager in Colombo attempted to kill herself over the same issue of mobile phones when her teacher and schoolmates disapproved of her using her mobile phone in class. These developments have jolted the Sri Lankan government to slam a ban on the use of mobile phones in all schools especially by kids under the age of 18.

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      This ban has also moderately affected teachers who have been asked to reduce on the use of Mobile phone in schools. If this policy remains as it is, then teachers here will probably be forced to put their phones on silent to avoid being seen to be openly using their phone.

      In my opinion, I feel the use of phones ought to be regulated right at the family level to kids under 18. I am aware we live in a world where  technology is proliferating in various forms. The family, especially parents of this girl would have helped to avert this disaster had they not been too liberal about phone ownership by kids in the family.  May this tragedy teach all parents in the world to re-think this issue of kids holding mobile phones at a tender age.