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This is the position paper I submitted in a MUN conference few weeks back. The committee is the Security Council adn topic is “Current Situation in Pakistan”.

Committee: Security Council
Topic: Situation In Pakistan
Country: Mexico

The Situation in Pakistan is that of increasing economic and political instability and the destabilized government is losing control. The biggest threat confronting Pakistan is the growing hegemony of the Taliban and allies of Al Qaeda. The situation in Pakistan is really dangerous as the Taliban could take over the rule of Pakistan, and, hence, possess nuclear weapons which can be a threat the security of the entire world.

The Government of Mexico reiterates its deep concern about the increased violent and terrorist activities in Pakistan of Taliban and Al-Qaeda and reaffirms the need to combat by all means, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law, including applicable international human rights, refugee, and humanitarian law, threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts. Mexico is party to 10 of 12 international instruments of universal scope in the fight against terrorism and is currently completing the formalities required under its domestic legislation to become a party to the remaining two.

The Mexican Government urges the government of Pakistan to bring perpetrators, organizers, financers and sponsors of acts of terrorism to justice and should enhance its own counter-terrorism capacity by sharing tactical intelligence and providing other tools such as helicopters, night vision goggles, and appropriate training.

Mexico wishes to reaffirm its total readiness to undertake and strengthen its own national measures to prevent and thwart the commission of terrorist acts in its territory and also to contribute with the urgency and resoluteness that the situation demands, to the efforts of international cooperation aimed at the prevention and eradication of terrorism in all its forms, in conformity with the relevant resolutions of the General Assembly [56/1] and the Security Council[1822(2008) and 1805(2008)].