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"It’s not a real marriage but a spiritual marriage,"

Actress Jung Da Bin ended her life with tragic results. This Korean actress found dead, hanged herself in her apartment four years ago. At that time, Jung Da Bin was not married. Then her mother married her daughter with the late Moon Jae Sung.

Jung Da Bin’s mother called the marriage of two people who died as a spiritual marriage. She admitted doing it for the convenience of her daughter in her after life.

Meanwhile, Moon Jae Sung had died since 2002. The cause of the death of Moon Jae-Sung is not known for certain. He was also not married when breathed his last breath. From there, these two families eventually decide to marry them despite both died.

Marriage is held in Kyungki-do on Sunday, May 22 last. The event was held in the morning. After the show, the bodies of the couple will be buried together at Utopia Memorial in Ansung.

“My Son In laws, Moon Jae Sung (during his lifetime) was a very good and attentive. Although they did not know each other, but they have grown. And both leave this world together are not married,” said the mother of Jung Da Bin as quoted from allkpop, Tuesday, May 24, 2011.

Moon Jae Sung family also agrees with the mother of Jung Da Bin. They hoped the marriage would make them happy.

“They left this world too early, and it bothers me. It’s not a real marriage but spiritual marriage,” said the older brother of Mong Jae Sung.

Jung Da Bin committed suicide on February 10, 2007. Until now, not known for certain what makes a star of ‘The Legend of Ginkgo’ decided to end her life with extreme.

However, from records stored in her personal blog, March 4, this 1980-born woman is experiencing a prolonged depression. In her blog that, Jung Da Bin admitted he felt lost herself and her identity. She was always angry for no apparent reason and felt tremendous pain in her head.