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Humanity is badly ruined in Pakistan and survival has become a geat issue of life. More than ever spirit is needed to improve the human plight.

It is neither surprising nor exaggeration to mention that Pakistan is ranked at a historically low level by human rights perspective. Even life is unsafe, what to talk about others rights. From high alert army officials to an ordinary man all are facing the same fate after having powerful defense institutions in the country. There are not plenty of opportunities to prosper and keep the wheel of economy smoothly moving. The country is all around besieged from internal as well as external threats to stability. Everybody here is desperately struggling to survive.  As far as security officials and law enforcement agencies are sacrificing their lives for the defense of the nation, things are understandable. But what to say when a journalist or a civilian is attacked mysteriously and anonymously killed. There is no proper investigation conducted after these occasions and no mystery is uncovered. Public is kept under shadows and confusions from all these deadly incidents. What comes to my mind is what we are all doing in this country if it does not give us the very basic rights after we pay huge taxes. Why are we sitting at homes watching all this happening and waiting any messiah to come and relieve us from these sufferings? There is an immediate need of human rights revolution in Pakistan to bring a total change to this unwanted life events.

As the death of a journalist Saleem Shahzad leaves us all into depths of depression. 

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