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7,100 Island Paradise in the Pacific.

Not everyone knows that the Philippines in the far east pacific is the third largest English speaking country in the world, after the USA and Great Britain.    With more than 110million Filipinos trained from grade school to graduate studies, to speak, understand and write English, who can beat that?


The Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years.  Folks, that’s  a long long time, correct?  And that’s why anyone who speaks Spanish or Portuguese gets confused why the dialect of Filipinos they can seem to understand but cannot have the hang of it–

So, where’s the English?  In 1898, Spain lost to the American colonizers and stayed to be under the United States of America for nearly 50 years.   That’s like covering one or two generations right?

                While the Spaniards controlled the locals with ‘divide & rule’ dictum, the Americans wooed the locals with corned beef, chocolates, bubble gums, jeans and opportunities.  That fits well to the peace loving Filipinos.  That’s why it was so easy for American teachers to incorporate themselves to the smart locals.  

The American governors were bent to make the Philippines their small paradise in the pacific hence those American soldiers who doesn’t want to go back home, stayed on and opened various business establishments.  Country clubs were developed, business chambers were created and the style of governance was patterned after that of the United States.

                The school’s  language of instruction was in English which the locals found easy enough to follow vs the Spanish language in more than three centuries.  Even Japan,  in the few years they had the Philippines and want take it from the Americans during the world war II tried to in still to the locals the study of Nippon-go, but  failed.


                Now, the Philippines is a better, cheaper training ground for learning English to neighbouring countries in Asia & Europe who wants to learn the Queen’s language before travelling to either U.S.A. or London.  Unlike the former British colonies of India, Singapore, Hongkong, etc  who speak the English language with funny accents, the Filipinos can even do it with correct grammar, clear & unaccented.

                Currently, outsourcing businesses are all over the country serving Fortune’s 500 companies.  It is the most cost efficient alternative for multinationals.   Filipino workers is the country’s best ambassadors of goodwill – they are all over the globe.