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Yamuna, a senior actress of South Indian silver screen is caught on charges of Prostitution.

  Once if you are in lime light, it is easy to earn both fame and money by acting in movies and TV serials. Money earned gives you lavish and luxurious life in the glamour world. When you lose the charisma, film offers dwindle, it becomes hard to live in austere conditions. Pimps try to grab such chances and lure these (in)famous actresses. However, to get money, some actresses find it necessary to bank on prostitution.  In other way, prostitution is also the easiest path to get roles in the movies.

Recently actors like Bhuwaneshwari , Jyothi and Saira Bhanu were caught red handed in police raids. South Indian film industry  is trying to recover from those injuries. Unfortunately, now senior actresses of south india caught red handed by Banguluru city crime branch police. Yamuna and Suraksha, who were in limelight once, resorted to prostitution. As many as 40 prostitutes were caught in a single  incident. This gives a glimpse about the network spread in the south Indian film industry

Incidents like these will create a wrong impression on the silver screen artists and it affects the remaining actresses in the film industry. Stringent actions should be taken to curb sex rackets in the film industry.