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An Indian temple, $22 billion treasure and an ancient curse if the remaining unopened tombs, marked with depictions of a serpent, are disturbed.




A recent Supreme Court order instructed the state Government to take possession of any assets within Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in South India.

The tombs below have revealed an unbelievable stash of treasure – the knowledge of which had been lost somewhere in the mists of time.


The temple had been built by the Travancore family in the 16th century, however, when the British took control of this region of India, it was ruled that individual kingdoms were to be incorporated into the state, however, this property had been left as part of a trust still owned by the Travancore family who were evidently unaware of the treasures beneath (which had probably been secreted there to prevent it from falling into the hands of the British).


There are six tombs below the temple, it is recorded that two of the tombs were last opened over one hundred and fifty years ago, there is however, no record of when the other four were last opened.



The Treasure


The hoard included:-


  • Thousands of kilos of gold, including gold bars, a gold sheaf weighing 500 kilos, am eighteen foot gold chain weighing 10.5 kilos, a golden veil weighing 36 kilos), golden replicas of coconut shells, solid gold human figurines and idols.
  • Crowns and jewelry
  • Bars of silver and silver Ornaments
  • Diamonds, Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls
  • Rare gold and silver coins



There are still two rooms below the temple which have not yet been opened up but already, a battle of “rightful ownership” has begun, which may take some time to unravel, meanwhile, temple security is stretched to the limit as details of the find spreads throughout the region.


The Curse


There has been a delay in opening the two remaining vaults because the Travencore family has warned of a curse.


The seal on the remaining door bears the emblem of a serpent which if disturbed will bring terrible curse on the area.  The family has also recanted tales of ancient tunnels beneath that tomb which lead directly to the sea.


The state however is dismissing their claims as nothing more than delaying tactics.