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It is article about the benefits of reading newspaper.

Newspaper is a source of information and news. Newspaper also acts as a medium of communication in the world. There are number of benefits of reading newspaper. People who do not know the benefit of reading newspaper may fail in the end. Nowadays there are thousand of newspapers all over the world. The demand and benefit of reading newspaper is increasing day by day. The newspaper is dependable to those whose have much interest for acquiring knowledge. Different interesting events and news are the main attraction of online newspaper.  People from any corner of the world can know the important running events by reading online newspaper. People can know the running problems around the world and take steps to prevent those problems. It is also an important benefit of reading newspaper. For example, if a war occurs between two countries, newspaper informs the whole world about the war and people of the world try to solve the problems. If people do not read the daily newspaper then they cannot know about the war. As like as war by reading newspaper one can get informed about the world. It is also a source of recreation for somebody. Newspaper also contains news related to sports, games, agriculture, economics, and etcs. Without reading newspaper, one cannot think of a minute about the future. So, all should know the benefit of reading the newspapers.

English: Screen shot of The Palm Beach Proper Online Newspaper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)