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More and more Christians are feeling insecure as Islam grows, making them do irrational deeds.

The recent massacre in Norway is an eye opener. Here is a man who shot over a100 dead with his gun and felt no compunction or remorse for the act. On the contrary he justified it as a sort of revenge for a weak response to Islamization and the spread of Islam. The act is certainly irrational and one will be hard to explain it. How does killing fellow Christians  solve the problem of fighting Islam ?

This is the flawed thinking in most of the Christian world. A irrational response really and an expression of frustration at the spread of a monolith faith. There is also no doubt that many white westerners are converting to Islam, not just converting but going a step forward and fighting a Jihad in either Afghanistan or Iraq or Chechnya.  The recent American drone attack in Wazirstan in Pakistan took out a white Australian Jihad.

The problem is simple and the same time complex.  Islam is more and more in the grip of radical mullahs who have terrorized the silent majority of Muslims who would settle for peace. The end result is that Islam is heading for a confrontation with the West and India. They can’t touch Chins which has shown ruthless response and executed hundreds of Muslims who have opposed the  writ of the state or tried to foment  terror. Perhaps there is a lesson in this and that should not be lost to the Western Democracies.

The Western democracies seem to have lost their bearings. They have grown soft. An example is the death penalty which is outlawed. Why ? I fail to understand how a man who has executed hundreds can be allowed to live. Death penalty is a deterrent and an example that killing cannot be condoned. unfortunately in their zeal to show they are human the European democracies have outlawed death penalty, but at that time they may not have thought of terror attacks and executions. It will be a sad day when the killer in Norway is given only imprisonment. No wonder he showed no remorse and looked happy enough, for he knew that what ever happens he would live.

The European nations earlier withstood an assault from the Muslim world nearly 5/6 centuries back. Perhaps the time has come to show resolve in fighting the spread of terror. otherwise  I am afraid insecurity among the population will lead to more irrational acts that could do immense damage to all concerned.