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After being arrested in London for sexual abuse in Sweden, Julian Assange is now a free man after a 200,000 Euro bail was paid for his release.

(Julian Assange being transported back to jail in a van) Courtesy of SkyNews.

Today, 14/12/2010, the British court released Julian Assange (founder of the infamous site WikiLeaks) after his arrest in Britain because of allegations of sexual crimes committed in Sweden. The judge ordered his release on bail before another hearing on January 11.

Two women have accused Assange of sexual misconduct during his stay in Sweden. Assange denies these allegations and to resist attempts by Swedish reciept. The London police said on Tuesday 07/12/2010 that they arrested Assange based on a European warrent issued by Sweden. Swedish prosecutors issued an arrest warrant against the 39-year old Australian on suspicion of committing sexual crimes he denies himself.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” addressed Assange’s intention of appearing before a British court to discuss the issue of temporary liberty on bail. The bail of Julian has cost around 200 thousand pounds ($320,000 USD). In addition, six bailers have applied together. Michael Moore was one of them donating $20,000. Strict rules still apply to his bail, such as a curphew of 10pm sharp, and a barring of foreign travel. He was also tagged with an electronic tracker so he can be under watch at all times.