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London riots enter their third day and have now spread to Hackney, with rumours starting to circulate that they may start to head north in the coming days.

The London riots have entered their third day today and have now stretched from Tottemham to Hackney. 

On top of this today is the first time the riot’s have taken place during the day, having previously only taking place during the night. 

Today’s violence erupted after a man was stopped and searched by police only for nothing to be found.  This then escilated to full on battles between rioters and police, which resulted part of Mare Street, Hackney being shut off to the public.  During the three days of violence, 200 people have been arrested, with 35 police officers being injured.

The riots have lead to damage to countless residential properties and businesses throughout the area’s affected and could even lead to Tottenham Hotspur’s opening premier league fixture with Everton being posponed after damage was caused to parts of White Heart Lane.  Localsin the areas affected are now starting to understandably worry for their own safety as the violence escalates.

There is also concern that the riot my being moving north after riot police were deployed in Birmingham city centre, following damage caused by gangs of youths in one of the cities shopping area’s.